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  • twenty narats of iron from creation
  • one narat of Black Iron from Malfeas
  • two narats of midnight blue charcoal from the sword mountain
  • one narat of sea salt
  • five double-narats of river water
  • five double-narats of Lethe water
  • one pomegranate
  • one mortal, alive (this is important!)

  •   In the crucible, mix the charcoal, sea salt and iron, melt until red. Take a dollop of red-hot steel from the crucible, drop it on the pomegranate, and stuff the pomegranate in the mortal's mouth to quiet the screams. Kill and dismember the mortal, using the life's blood to cool the molten ore, dispose the mortal's members in piles on the outside of the forge, with the chest behind you as you work, left leg in a pile behind the forge, to the left, left arm in a pile to your left, but closer than the forge, right arm behind and to the right of the forge, and right arm to your right as you work, within arming distance(ha!).
      Once this is complete, the ore should be bright red, quench a second time with the river water, then a third time with the Lethe water. Once this is done, the metal should be black as night, cool to the touch, but with glassine features, as if the light can slip inside. Over time, the metal will appear to flow, forming mortal-like features on the surface, like a mouth screaming, or a fist clenched in pain. Do not be alarmed if this happens, this is a desired part of the process, the mortal's contribution to the material is paramount.
    — Instruction manual for the preparation of soulsteel, The scenepainter of oblivion, Fortress of Crimson Ice, 767RR.


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