In Yu-Shan, where the gods dwell, where the Incarnae rule, there is, on every street, a humble beehive.   Far from inspiring fear, this beehive is a most congenial neighbour, and the bees of heaven within are friendly and docile, dancing their unique dance to indicate when the hive's honeycombs are full. Those in Yu-Shan who have some sense then know that they can partake. Every day, out of every month, one hive in five is full and bursting, its combs full of what is called Quintessence, the lesser food of the gods, and the pay of the lesser, suspended or unemployed ones. Gods cannot be denied quintessence, and most days, there is more than enough for everyone, with some being shared with pets and wandering spirits or visitors to the city of Heaven.   Heaven is a place, Yu-Shan is a city, and it is plentiful for all, as ordained by the Incarnae, the greatest of the gods, who find it good.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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