War of the Raptors

When raptors collide all the world will see their battle as they danced arcoss the sky.

The Conflict


The Kingdom of Aradania and the Vatian Empire diplomatic ties begin to dwindle as Ardania begins to fall to chaos and unrest. The Imperial Senate orders see this as an opportunity to conquer the region and reunify the west once more. Lading to a surprise attack on the borders of the kingdom.


The Kingdom of Ardania is disbanded and the entire region is occupied. The entire royal family of Ardania is killed. Mass executions of kingdom forces are under way.


Ardania become one the most unstable areas on the continent as famine, disease and warfare still affect the region today. Many are displaced and forced to pay tribute to the empire with what resource they have left. With many rising up against the occupiers of their homeland as rebellion and banditry become a part of Ardanian life. Along with affecting the inhabitants of the Great Forest such as the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal and the Beastmen.

Historical Significance

By the time the Kingdom of Ardania realized what was happening, the empire lauched several legions across the borders of the region. Problem was that their was only one clear area that the empire could move their forces through since the Great Forest was mostly difficult to traverse through with a large army and would quickly be discover by the Ardanian to must their forces to meet them in battle. The only obstacle they faced in cross the border was a fortress known as Greenwatch built to hold back foreign armies for over a thousand year. Though it was believed that the fortress would fall in only a few days, its defenders stubborn and defiant are able to hold back the entire invasion for two months. Their siege would be costly for the empire as many of their men would be lost in assaults and night raids by the enemy to sabotage the army and steal food. Though the defenders would have the last laugh as their sabotaged the fortress to collapse and the remaining defenders through a secret under ground passage way that would lead them to safety. When the empire marched into the Ardania they were meet with fortified positions and armies train and ready to fight. The next few years the empire would make progress as they advanced throughout kingdom, but a cost one at that as not resources were left for them to take in the newly conquered areas. But the kingdom forces to dwindle in the process as well as facing the well trained legions of the empire we hard to beat and many victories were costly. By year three of the war came, it seemed that defeat was inevitable at this point. The empire wanting to end the conflict at a quicker pace to avoid anymore losses began second front through the Great Forest to quick march on the Ardania's capital of Asron. But this would backfire as the kingdoms Rangers discovered this plot and helped readied a ambush to wipe out the enemy force. Especially as the time couldn't get any better as the The Long Night came and caused the legions to become confused and disorient in their new darkened environment. They did not even know that the enemy was coming as the Imperious Oculus was tricked as their information network as breach and were given false information. Along with the Rangers helping the army stay hidden until they could strike it would become on of the worst military disasters in the history of the empire. With the army all but lost with many survivors killed by forest tribes and Beastmen, the war would last for another year. The final year of the war would be the bloodiest of all the fighting as the kingdoms military fought to the last man and gave no quarter to the enemy. Until finally the capital was sieged and finally breached. The royal family trapped and unable to flee were killed as keeping them hostage would only give hope to remaining forces they had. A few weeks later, a treaty was signed by the surviving noble houses of the war and the conflict was officially over. But holdouts would fight on for several years and the region would fall into total collapse. Creating one of the costly military victories to date.


It shows nothing more then the decline of the Vatian Empire in Empire, as corruption and degradation has shown weakness to its enemies. Leading the rising tide of rebellion to overthrow their overlords across the west.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The empire wins a costly victory.


Kingdom of Ardania
Vatian Empire






  • Repel the incoming imperial invasion
  • Cause as much damage to them a possible
  • Defend the capital
  • Protect the royal family
  • Hold them at bay at all costs
  • Capture the capital and occupy the region
  • Capture or kill the royal family
  • Advance no matter the cost


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