Second Battle of Acci

The Conflict


After the Imperial Royalists where defeated at the First Battle of Acci the began the muster whatever forces they cloud find as the Citizen’s Alliance's infulence begins to spread across the empire. After some considerable time of recruitment and gathering forces loyal to the crown the Imperial Royalists begin a counter to capture Acci. During this time was the leader of the alliance left Acci to find others who wished to join the Citizen’s Alliance with what the forces were left of 6th Legion were order to guard the town while they


Royalist forces would arrive mid day in the western part of Acci and in full force with them directly marching towards the town. The defenders soon realized that they were severely outnumber and have to retreat treat to preserve their forces. The much of the 6th began evacuating and destroying what ever supplies and intelligence they could not bring. A small force was left to hold of the 9th and 11th with a small barricade.


The town of Acci


mild warm day

The Engagement

Once the Royalist forces reach the barricade, they were immediately fired upon it archer and pilum fire, along with rocks being thrown from above. Taking heavy casualties in the process before retreating. The Royalist army would surround the settlement to ensure no one escaped. After they got in procession and launched an attack on all sides. But the defenders held their ground as more troops enter the town they were forced into chock points and causing casualties higher casualties then expected. As the barricades started to fall defenders began to set ambushes all around the town attacking from roofs and attacking attacking from the inside of buildings. Even when the town was occupied, the remains defender still fought on. None of them survive, and the Royalists discovered that the much of the main force had fled and were long gone.


Alliance forces are in full retreat and later regroup with main army


Acci is burnt to the ground fro supporting the alliance and would not be rebuilt until the war ended. Alliance forces would be on the run to bluster their numbers and regain their strength and trie to meet up with the main army.

Historical Significance

After being defeated at First Battle of [Acci the royalists had to rebuild their forces as much as possible in the coming weeks. Alexios Septimius Aurelius was furious with Patricio Tullius Augustanus believing that his inaction cost them the battle and quicker called for more legions across the empire to come to their aid. The 9th legions was being replenished as much as possible during the next few week, with most of the men come from Vatia's own garrison. The 11th Legion lead by Caius Sornatius Maximinus was the first of the forces to arrive at the capital to the Alexios' aid. He and Patricio were order to return to retake Acci from the Citizen’s Alliance and believed the it leaders were still their since his spies in the Imperious Oculus told him that the 6th legion was still in town, believing that it was made into their base of operations. Alexios Believed that they were going to plan attack the capital when more forces arrived to support their cause. but hw did not know that the leaders had already left in the cover of night to meet with other supporters to plan their war effort. Several days later the 9th and 11th legions would arrive at Acci and immediately attack. A few hours before scouts from the 6th legion discover them and quickly reported back that at least ten thousand men were on their way. The alliance forces were outnumber two to one and the officer in charge of the garrisoned legion Gaius Floronius Segestes order a full retreat to save the legion from destruction and order over five hundred men to hold the enemy back. They were able to hold back the first few waves before the entire army surrounded the city. By the time they did though. The 6th legion was long gone by that time though. They were trick with dummies dressed in armor to make them believe that the entire legion was there. After several hours of fighting they soon realized that they were tricked and the 6th managed to escape. All the defender were killed in the fighting and about of anger Patricio Tullius Augustanus order the town razed for supporting the rebels. All all the people who did not leave before the battle were put to the death and the town was turned to rubble. They would return to the capital to regroup and this angered Alexios even more that the town was razed instead of captured. Patricio was order to move his forces north until further notice and Caius was put in charge of assembling the the rest of the royalist force when they arrived and hunt down the Alliance force as soon a possible. as for Gaius and the rest of the 6th they managed to find Tiberius Oppius Opimius along with more forces that joined the alliance and planed first official assault against Alexios and the Imperial Royalists.


The defenders who gave their lives helped the remaining alliance forces escape the reach of the royalist forces and ensured that the 6th legion. was not completely crushed and could fight once again later into the war. They were considered true heroes of the empire and memorial was built for all those who perished that day in the town of Acci

In Literature

The battle is often called the valiant stand of the five hundred with many talking about what happened during the battle often dramatizing it for the sake of attention. But it also showed the resolve of the men who fought and died for the good of the empire and that their sacrifice did not go in vain.

Included under Conflict
First Vatian Civil War
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
8/18/1442BCA 11:00am
Ending Date
8/18/1442BCA 4:00pm
Conflict Result
Royalist minor victory



3,800 Legionaries 200 Calvary
9000 Legionaries 1000 Calvary


500 hundred Legionaries
735 Legionaries 55 Cavalry


Retreat from the Royalist forces and regroup with the main army
Reclaim control of Acci from rebel control
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