When the dead couldn’t be more scarier as is

The Prowler is another undead created through Dark Magic, exclusively shadow magic. Which makes them stealthier and more horrifying. The Prowler is also one most difficult type of undead to track. They are mostly used in ambushes and assassin. They are also considered to very fast as well for an undead. Using fire and decapitaing them are the usual ways to kill them. But an unusual weakness to them is that they turn to as with sunlight, possibly because of the shadow magic that created them. They

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Depends on corpse

Genetics and Reproduction

Does not reproduce

Growth Rate & Stages

Become more grotesque and savage as time goes by.

Ecology and Habitats

Perfer dark place where light does not reach them

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kills any living thing in sight

Additional Information

Social Structure

Obey a necromancer

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Used by necromancers as assassins and raiders

Facial characteristics


Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Have night vision and excellent hearing

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Class: Undead
Dark magic
Average Height
Depends on corpse
Average Weight
Depends on corpse
Average Physique
Though they look skinny their claws and fangs make up for it.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Grey and decaying flesh

Cover image: undead by Devon Cady-Lee


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