Order of the Righteous Flame

Oh great and powerful flame hear the oath that I give to you. From blood to sweat, I give myself to you. My blade is your will and your will alone. For I am protector of the true faith. One that will never let is flame die out To vanquish the tainted and unholy that curse its name. To cleanse the land in fire and let be reborn anew if need be. For this is my oath that I give to and you only, for you are the light that will guide us salvation.
- Oath of Service for the order


  • Grand master
  • Seneschal
  • Marshal
  • Standard Bearer
  • Knight
  • Sergeant
  • Treasurer
  • Squire

Public Agenda

To defend the faith of the The Spirit and Flame from the heretics and unholy forces.


The Fortress of Sanctity

  A Fortress built by the founder of order St. Joshua, built into the Spine Ridge Mountains to escape the sins of the world for a life of worship and devotion to the The Spirit and Flame. The fortress houses thousands of members of the order, were most of them train and live in solace. Not to mention that it would take a large army to take the fortress to begin with since is is heavily fortified since the monastery was once built in heathen territory and was regularly attacked. It still is by the occasional mountain barbarian raids that helps them keep their wits.  

Church of the Spirit and Flame

  As a part of the church most of their income and supplies comes from them and in return they are called upon when the faith is threatened by heretics and false gods. They also receive donations form the church know and then to pay for weapons and maintain equipment.


The tale of St. Joshua

It is said the St. Joshua was the founder of the order when he went on the first Holy March against the heathen gods of Telvasta with what men that followed him into the campaign. During this time he would found the order and help built the Fortress of Sanctity as a means to make a base of operations against Telvastans for years to come. After many years of fighting, would wounded in battle and later die in the fortress as the order continues finished the campaign successfully. They would remain in the fortress to this day as an oath The Spirit and Flame and continues fight all of his enemies.  

The Holy Marches

  For the next few hundred years the order would be widely used in military campaigns for the next ten Holy Marches across all the lands that refused to cover to The Spirit and Flame often being the first to be sent into the fray and fight were the fighting was the thickest. But also commit crimes that would be considered genocide and other unspeakable acts during this time. With many looking down upon them and only using their services when required of them. Bu after the 11th Holy March the order would no longer used since most of the west had converted and marches were no longer needed. Leaving them to remain in their fortress.  

Holy Quests

  With wars no longer needing them for this time, the order then decided to go on quest for sacred artifacts that were lost during the times of the heathens and return them to the church. Most of these turned out with success but not all succeed and perished. But during this time they soon took another role that soon come into their line of work, monster hunting. This helped changed the views of some since thy helped rid the land of many foal creatures that roamed across the land and gave them more heroic view to many seeing them as protectors of Humanity.  

Night War and the rise of St. Ganacus

  When the Night war broke out many members of the order were cut of guard and many of its members would be sent out immediately to face this threat. But were unprepared from the organization of Korillia and her dark hordes with many being killed in the process. Their fortress would also under siege with those trapped inside were cut off from the rest of world. Often going by day to search supplies not taken and fighting the hordes by night as more and more of them fell. But when St. Ganacus rose from their ranks and created the Black Order the siege would soon be lifted and they would be back in the fight where ever they were needed. Many of the order looked up to Ganacus, due to his devotion and the many believed him to be the The Spirit and Flame's chosen since he was able to set his aflame to vanquish the unholy, which would be later known as the Purifying Blaze. Once the war was over and Ganacus past away, the order would try to be more devoted and zealotry and it would spread rapidly as they went to great length to purify themselves of sin, from burning themselves to remove corrupt thoughts to fasting for several days to find divine clarity within themselves. The order would also strength their goals to wipe out every monstrous creature they found as well.  

The Vampire Revolt

Three hundred later they would be called once more when the city of Vatia would be plagued by Vampires that sprouted up from within its walls. Seeing this as both a a sign for 12th Holy March and opportunity to show how great and power their devotion was to vanquish this unholy threat they set out an expedition with seven hundred of their finest to lift the siege. When they arrived they were also meet with three hundred member of the Black Order to assist them. Though they believed they would be enough, but they soon saw the shadow barrier that covered most of the city and soon changed their minds out them since they were going to fight on the Vampires terms. Once they enter the barrier though, it all went straight to hell. They were slowly picked off by the dozens the closer and closer they came to they Imperial Palace and many more were killed getting past its walls. By the time the the barrier was broken only fifty four members out of a hundred survivors mange to walk out of that living nightmare and they were never the same after that. Though it was a victory for the order, it was a costly one at that and created closer ties with the Black Order to fight the monster threat more effectively.  


  The order has not been call into action for a long time know and their they remain in their fortress waiting for when they are need once more. But some members have created a splinter group with the order known as the Purifiers of the Flame, an extremist group that takes their faith to a whole new level and they disregard the order and church, making them very dangerous and unpredictable. No knows what might happen next if it were to escalate.

May the flame cleanse us and burn away the sin of the world

Founding Date
1082 BCA
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Righteous flame, the order, the knight of the flame, the order of Joshua
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Holy Knights
Parent Organization
Church of the Spirit and Flame
Related Ethnicities


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