Natural Magic

Natural magic is the most common type of magic in the world, with most spellcasters using it. It also a diverse one as well since the magic is based off of the elements of the world. But the user is only able to use one type of magic and that magic can be seen through their personality. Uses for this are magic based attacks, magic based defense, and environmental alteration of environment.

Types of Magic

  • Fire: Wild and destructive. It is consider one of the most destructive magics as well, due to its nature in destroying all in its path.
  • Water: A beautiful yet deadly element. The water itself can change its shape at any time as long as the users will can maintain it.
  • Earth:Strong and unyielding in it natural form. The the shear power from it alone and bring down the mightiest of foes.
  • Wind: Swift and unrelenting. The wind never stops for no one and will vanquish any one in its way.
  • Nature:Life and beauty are not always peaceful. All plants around you are your allies and they will tear apart your enemies.
  • Ice: The heartless and unflinching. Ice magic a power that all should fear in it own right.
  • Lightening: The destructive power of the storm that is at your fingertip. It is considered to be the second most difficult to that of fire.
  • Light: The power to heal and banish the dark. Light is often considered the purest of the elements.


  Mage is the term used for those who use this type of magic, but their are several different names for each type along with the personalities that come with them.  
  • Pyromancer: Mages that use fire magic,they can be upbeat, cheerful, energetic, irritative, frustrative, angery, cheerful, fierce, arrogant, entitled, self-centered megalomaniac, self-absorbed, self-centereand and even violent.
  • Hydromancer: Mages that use water magic, they can be intuitive, instinctive, empathtic compassionate, whiny, clingy, weepy, hypersensitive, histrionic and emotionally self-indulgent, passive-aggressive, manipulative, controlling, depressive, lazy, unmotivated, spiritual, sleazy, sluttish, creepy,sexual and sensitive.
  • Geomancer: Mages that use earth magic, they can practical, pragmatic, grounded, serious, realistic, cold calculating, harsh, overly demanding, judgmental, critical, nit-picky, perfectionist, security-oriented, obsessive, greed, stubborn, unrelaxing and ambitious.
  • Electromancer: Mages that use Lightning magic, they be worrysome, humorous, Kind, attentive, impartial, attractive, confident, obnoxious, judge mental, incisive, arrogant, prideful, self-centered, boastful, hypocritical, and rebellious
  • Glaciesmancer: Mages that use ice magic, they can be impartial, logical, strong convictions, cynical, violent, fearful, cold, wary, pessimistic and emotionless.
  • Biomancer: Mages that use nature magic, they can be kind, inappropriate, awkward, supportive, confusing, difficulty expressing emotions, off putting, isolationist, and respectable.
  • Photomancer: Mages that use light magic, they can be strong willed, conciancous, self-worthy, humble, self-righteousness, self-loathing, unalterable convictions, honorable, unreasonable, unforgiving, radical and zealous.
  • Aeromancer: Mages that use wind magic, they can be flighty, fun-loving, wandering, restless, opportunists, unfocused multitasker, bored, humorous, intellectual curious, nervous, twitchy, restless, agitated, physical, day dreamer, cold, unattached, stiff, thinker,disinterested in their application, criticizing, alienating, unfeeling, and uncompassionate.


Natural magic is based of the elements of the world and it will manifest itself through magic that the spell caster is cast such as fire, water, earth and so on.


Natural magic is affected by the location that it is in. For example, water magic can become strong near water, but if it used in a desert its affects are weakened. All types are affected by this concept no matter what.

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