When man becomes beast

He how stands in the moonlight shall see whether he is but a man or become a wolf by night - Joshua Fedel, Night Hunter of the Black Order.

Transmission & Vectors

There are three ways that this disease that can be received, being bitten by a Werewolf, Werewolf blood entering the body and genetically from one's parent.


The Beast was the sole creator of the Werewolf race and through him and his bite did they roam the world spreading terror on every full moon.


Physical the afflicted would remain in their natural form until the full moon. Were they would take the form of humanoid wolf creature and with most of the feature of a wolf, but is able to stand on two legs and four as well. When they are not in wolf form, they will be able to have the abilities of that of a wolf, such as enhanced hearing, smell, reflexes, speed, strength and night vision. Along with a carnivorous appetite and advanced healing. The draw back to this that they will be allergic to several different things such as silver, wolfs bane, and mountain ash. Their are also magic spells or rituals that can be used against them as well. They will never get a peaceful sleep either since the curse will haunted them with nightmare or memories of the beast hunting and killing their victims.


Their is no cure to lycanthropy, but their is a way to suppress the curse, but it is a risky thing to due to the repercussions that it involve. The Moon potion is a dangerous thing to create since one slip up can cause harmful effects on the person drinking it. If the potion works the wolf will be suppressed for the next full moon, if their is a slip up the user will go into half finished transformation whether the moon is full and going on a murderous rampage due to the pain from the potion is putting them through. It will last until it burns through their body. If they manage not to get killed during that time, they will revert back to normal. But the transformation will cause the curse to take control over part of the afflicted's mind and they will act more like a wolf than a person.


The curse will remain in the afflicted until death. They will always transform into a Werewolf


The longer a person is a werewolf the more they will act like a wolf, this will often make them search out of other like them to form a pack to hunt and for protection.

Affected Groups

Anyone can be cursed by a werewolf and those who are born with are just a likely.

Hosts & Carriers

Werewolves are the only species that carry the curse and will spread it, but not purposely as they often kill those who cross them.


The only way to avoid the curse is no to get bitten by a Werewolf.


A Werewolf going on a rampage can always lead to many people getting killed or wounded in the process. Those who are



The earliest records are often told by the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal back when the Elves still called Continent of Kinath home long before the beastmen came. The forsaken god, Vulga'dume created a ferocious and nightmarish creature now as The Beast and through its bit come the Werewolves of today. Of course the transformation of the full moon was said to placed on them by Nera, the elvish goddess of the moon to stop the Werewolves numbers from rise to rabidly. Though after the The Beast was killed, the remaining Werewolves that were still alive manage to survive for a while and the they mange to spread the curse to other and this would continue for thousands of years. Though their numbers would not reach in high numbers  

The Beastmen Age

This would the one of the large spikes in Werewolf activity as very Humans were hunting them as they were dealing with the beastmen at the time. Theses Werewolves would grow to large numbers often hunting beastmen since they were considered larger game. Those cursed would often make refuge near the mountains and many generations of them would soon come to be. By some old records from the The First Kingdom of Men that some of those cursed after several generations of being born with the curse, managed to control their transformation and could do it at will. How this was possible is entirely unknown. But during Beast War it was said that the first kingdom recruited theses Werewolves and fought along side them to free the west from the beastmen. But after the war was on and the kingdom collapsed, all records after were lost. Its most likely the most of them were killed given that their numbers were low for the next few centuries.  

The Night War

  Werewolves would make their comeback during the Night War when Silva, the Vampire went on her war to wipe out Humanity. Many Werewolves were captured and forced to submit to their vampire overlords and make more would be created through those they captured. Some records state that during this time settlements that were not completely wiped out were often turned into Werewolves. After the war though their numbers would dwindle over time, especial when the Black Order was around. Over time cases like theses would grow smaller and smaller over time until they became isolated incidences.  

The rest of the world

  It is unknown if Werewolves exists in other parts of the world, but it the two mostly place would the continent of Norria and the continent of Dageth. Since during the beastmen invasion many Elves migrated from Kineth and it is possible that there are sill Werewolves out and about in these places

Cultural Reception

Lycanthropy is consider a evil thing by those who have been told that it turns even the greatest of men into killing machines. Those found out with the curse will often be killed of being on display by execution or murdered by a mob.

Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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