Imperial Senate


The Imperial Senate is made up of six hundred members the govern over the empire. They are in charge of creating laws and maintaining them. They also have control over military matters and other matters of state.The Consul is the head of the senate that has power over certain aspects of the senate. They can veto laws and can transfer power to certain individuals in time of crisis. All senators and the consul are elected into office as sign that the people of the empire favor them. The term for a senator last up to ten years before reelection.

Public Agenda

To preserve the empire, along with keeping the people happy in the process.


The senate has control over all aspects of the empire. They are able to give power to individuals in emergency and order legions to take action. What's more is that they are responsible of making the laws of the empire and govern over the people.


Founded after the First Vatain Civil War, the senate is the backbone of the Vatian Empire since then. The senate has become the sole authority in the empire, not even the emperor can have direct power over them. But as time has gone by the ideals that has formed the senate have slowly deteriorated as time went by. Corruption has since run rampant in the senate with ambition and deception running amuck. The very empire they where sworn to protect has started to become torn apart from within.

Electiones multorum arbitrio paucorum inclinandum ( The choices of the many, outweigh the choices of the few)

Founding Date
Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Senate
Hadrean Marcanus
Parent Organization
Vatian Empire
Related Ethnicities


The current state of House Aurelius has allowed the senate to have more power over the imperial family than it should and they are creating laws and taking military actions without the consent of the emperor.


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