Cheif with elders

Public Agenda

To destroy those who desecrate the land and it people.


Five thousand Braves, metal weapons


The Garma are one of Teren, or outlanders, due their ancestors not being original inhabitants of the forest. They people were original barbarians from the north that were accepted by the tribes and they accepted to follow the culture of the Va’tal. With a few tweaks of their ancestors culture as well. They are consider one of the most feared tribes in the land, due to their way of justice. They call it the Blood Debt, an other made by the tribe to bring those who caused harm to the tribe or destroyed something sacred in the forest. Most believe this is how they dealt with back when they were still barbarians, while many also think it is the doing of the Druids since they spend more time with them then most other tribes. What ever the case is once a Blood Debt is declared they won’t stop until their target or targets gutted and strangled by their entrails or they dead. Leaving the forest won’t help either, they have been know to chance their targets miles out of the forest. They would probably cause chance them to the ends of the earth if they have to. In the Forest War they were one of the first to fight back when soldiers killed one their chiefs daughter. They gave them no quarter and slaughtered them all. Their fighting tactics is all about relentless onslaughts to over run the enemy and never let them get back up to fight back. When Norrians came to their land many were slaughtered but those who survived were take prisoners to made it breeding slaves, this they believed that this would produce strong and aggressive warriors due the a Norrian’s large stature and their aggressive behavior. Which is why many of the tribesmen have blonde hair instead of traditional hair colors such as brown or black. Nowadays they are just keeping an eye on the empire if they ever try anything, if so then it is going to be a long and bloody conflict with each side trying to wipe one another out.

Demography and Population

Six thousand tribesman


Their ancestral home is only several miles long near the Vatian Empire’s border.


The Braves are identified though tattoos and are one of the tribes that actually use swords in battle. Being extremely violent and highly aggressive is considered a great honor bestowed upon someone. When a Blood Debt has been issued those who a participating in the chase cut their hand and cover their face and parts of their body with blood. The blood will not be removed until the debt is completed.

Technological Level

Primative but with metal working


None one knows exactly what they actually follow and the knots that use could mean anything.

Foreign Relations

They can be friendly when they want to but if you make them an enemy run as fast as you can.

We kill only those who deserve it.

Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
Blood Tribe
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
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Judicial Body
Parent Organization
Forest Tribes of Ve’tal
Great Forest
Official Languages
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