Church of the Spirit and Flame


The Speaker of Faith is the head of the church and is in charge of all dealing that involve them. Below a council of Exalted are in charge of electing the speaker and dealing with business across the church that the Speaker has no time to deal with. The ArchClerics are in charge of maintaining order in the region they are assigned assigned to. Clerics are in charge of making sure the faith does not falter and root out any heresy that may found its way into the population. The rest of the church is run by apostles in the their cathedrals and churches across Kinith spreading the faith to the masses.

Public Agenda

To spread the faith and eradicate the heathens and heretics. Along with uniting the lands of Humanity under the glorious light of the Spirit and the Flame.


The church has much influence in the Vatian Empire and the Kingdom of Ardania. Making it easier for cooperation and donations from faithful and the other beneficiaries


The church was formed in a time of darkness and chaos when the nations of Humanity were young and scattered across the land. They would be the guiding hand to the people who lived in fear for most of their life and bring them into the light of their one and true savior, The Spirit and the Flame. Even as time passed they reminded as bringer of hope and guidance in a world that was cruel and chaotic. The church itself has become the foundation of almost all religion in the western lands with no other power to oppose them. Which made everyone follow them like sheep in the process. They do mot take advantage of the people, they are just highly fanatic about it. But they have helped defend the land from many foreign threat that they have seen as trial to test their faith. Such as the Night War,

Mythology & Lore

According to the holy texts, the Spirit and the Flame were two separate entities that back Humans first set foot into the world. The Spirit was said to be a fallen god who had lost almost of his power and was slowly dying because of it. He would travel across the world seeing much suffering and pain along the way. He would then see Humans for the first time, they were shivering in the cold with nothing to keep them warm but those next them. He saw in their hearts that they could terrible things, but they were capable of kindness and devotion to one another. He was never so moved by anything in his entire existence. With what power he had left he gave them fire to keep them warm and protect them from the creature that live in the dark. He died after that and his soul slowly began to pass on into oblivion. But the strangest thing happened, fire began to envelop him and he felt strength return to him. It allowed him to remain in the world and nourished him to his former strength. He too discovered the the flame that he created was alive and spoke to him! It told him that what he did was a noble act that very few gods would give up their power for others and was worthy to be saved. The spirit then looked upon the Humans again, seeing that that could do great things and be guided down the right path. He ask the Flame to help him in his quest and he agreed to do so. They merge into one being to gain greater power than any could ever imagine. They chose the from of a dove as a creature of peace and purity. Then they would ascend to the heavens and create the Divine Heavens for all those they saw worthy. But it took longer they thought and thousand of years had past, with men divided and committing sin on one another. They would descend from the heavens and find those they deemed worth of spreading the words of faith onto the mass that desperately need it so. They would later be know as the Prophets of Truth.

Divine Origins

According to the earliest records recorded the faith was founded in two hundred years after the fall of the First Kingdom of Man. The Prophets of Truth originated in the land of which are now Ardania back it was nothing more than squabbling kingdoms fighting for control of the region. The prophets would spread the The Spirit and Flame in a matter of several years. People believed that the The Spirit and Flame was a benevolent god that would save them in this dark and cruel world that they created. Many of the their followers would be the founder of the church in the process. The Prophets themselves would be murder by follower of the old faith and a long and bloody crusade leaving to those of the old faith who survived flee into the Great Forest and later turn in world form many of the out lander tribes that exist to this day. The church would be soon formed afterwards by the apostles that followed the prophet. Over the next few centuries the church would spread across the land with ease until almost all the west was under its influence.

Cosmological Views

They believe that the world is full of sin that comes in many forms, whether it may be natural, demonic, or supernatural. That it will do anything in its power to keep Humanity from reaching their one and true savior. That is why they must fight back all of those who would dare try and drag them back into the darkness that only brought pain and misery to them.

Tenets of Faith

  • Thou shall not let the wicked inherit the earth and strike them down with righteous fury.
  • Thou shall not turn the other cheek when sin has been unleashed.
    • The flame is life, it brings warmth and nourishment and cleans the soul of sin.
    • The Spirit will guild all those how follow me to my side and live in my kingdom.
    • Let not temptation and desire led you on the path of damnation.
    • Let it be know to all that all creatures of darkness and their followers have no place in the lands of my people.
    • Though shall not let fear overcome thy self in the face of evil.
    • Let not anger cloud one judgement for it will hide the truth that is right in front of you.
    • Give to those who are less fortunate than you.
    • Those who have unyielding faith shall find hope in the darkest of time.
    • No crime shall go unpunished no matter who great that person may be.
    • Let those speak their prayer so I may hear them in their hour of need.


    The faith usually follow the teachings of the Spirit and the Flame by showing humility, courage, patience, diligence, temperance, compassion, devotion and chasity. Many are taught at a young that when a sin is committed they must go see a priest to absolve their sends in order to stay pure. All those how embrace since are looked down upon with disgust for they will never find their place it Divine Heaven. The enemy of the the faith are the dark force of the world such as pagan, the Seven Devils, the supernatural and those who practice the dark arts of magic. They told to watch out for the sins of wrath, lust, sloth, gluttony, greed, envy, and pride. Homosexuality is not accepted either for it is deemed sinful their eyes and tend to rid of it one way or another. Praying is done to be thankful for what their savior has given to them, it’s is done every time one eats, before going sleep and before going into battle. Followers are also required to go to church on the first day of the week and pray and listen the holy text so they never forget their faith.


    The praying is usually done daily, along with going to church once a week to pray. While they are their they given fire ash and it is rubbed on their forehead as a pleasing. They would then kneel and repeat the holy texts spoken by the apostle. Along with the Trials of Devotion as one of the most important traditions that test the truly faithful. Lighting candles everyday by a shrine in the shape of a dove also a signification of faith. While their are a few actual burn themselves if there are thinking sinful thought as a way to cleanse themselves. But most tend to raise doves in their home and release them into the on religious holidays in celebration. These holidays would be the Festival of the Flame, Trials of Devotion, Day of the Spirit, and Holy Mass.


    The Apostles are the foundation of the faith, they preach to the masses of the of devotion and faith to their one and only savior. Of course becoming a priest can be a little troubling since the church has certain standards. They first have to pass the Trails of Devotion, which can be difficult to pass, with only the most faithful deemed worthy to enter. Men and women are both allowed to join. They then bathed in ash and sot from fire that burn for three days and nights as sign of purity. They then take their vows which takes an entire days in front of a new started blue flame with nothing more than loin cloth to cover themselves. The heat is most intense with only the weak unable to with stand its heat for long periods of time. They are not allowed to eat, drink, or sleep either. This is to show that their faith will never waver unlike their flesh. When the flame dies out they are placed into a pool of water and stay under for a minute. When they arise, they are no longer the the people they used to be, but those who are truly devoted to the Spirit and the Flame. A tattoo of the churches symbol is placed on their back and given blue and white robes. Their duties as apostles being the day after and will remain so unless the priesthood desires to ascend them higher into the rank. The higher the rank shows the amount of faith that they have. The highest is that of the Speaker of Faith, who is elect by the Exalted Council, the governing members of the church. The Speaker is considered the most holy of all the followers and is looked to all for guidance for he is said speak the the Spirit and the Flame. Through him is that of his will.

    Granted Divine Powers

    Acording to legend the most faithful of priests and warriors are given the Blue Flame of Purity. Which is said to heal the sick and wounded and vanquish the greatest of evils.

    Political Influence & Intrigue

    The church itself has a tight grip on all the nations of the western lands of Kineth. With many of the clergy having a seat in the governments one way or another. Especially in the Vatian Empire with much of the faith dominating the population. The church is also responsible for blessing rulers during their coronation as a sign that they have been chosen by their one and true savior. They can even allow military action to be given to rulers if there is heresy or pagans spreading amongst the people.


    • Order of the Righteous Flame
    • Brotherhood of the Spirit
    • Monks of Alder
    • Preachers of Purity
    • The Inquisition
    • Holy Saints

    Ut flamma spiritus qui defendat nos, et guide (May the spirit guide us and the flame protect us)

    Founding Date
    1453 BCA
    Religious, Organised Religion
    Alternative Names
    The Church
    Dorian III
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    Permeated Organizations
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