Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Upper body is human, while below the waste is that of a horse. Bone structure is that of a horse and human at the same time.

Biological Traits

Males tend to be bigger than females and slightly more aggressive.

Genetics and Reproduction


Growth Rate & Stages

It takes six years for Centaur to fully grow to adulthood.

Ecology and Habitats

Centaurs perfer to live in wide open plains, but are able to survive in forest regions as well.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Centaurs can eat both plants and meat and tend to store it in specially built storage bins.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Centaurs tend to move in herds and migrate from place to place in search for food. Most groups consist of at least fifty with more males than females. This tend to mean that makes fight for the females constantly. Males that can’t acquire a female, they travel to find another herd. The strongest of the herd tend to form a council to decide what is to be done in a emergency.

Facial characteristics

Eyes, nose, ears, hair

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Centaurs can only be found in the Great Forest.

Average Intelligence

Centaurs are very intelligent to that of a human, making them very crafty with traps and tricks on unsuspecting victims. They have also been known to tame wild animals such as birds and dogs to help them in daily life.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Senses are that of a human standard , except for eyesight being able for them to see color and see much farther than the average human.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Centaurs do not have last names and tend to name themselves after reach adulthood. Most names tend to be based on nature no matter the gender. Lake, Leaf, Wind, Frost, Rain, Blaze, Cloud.

Beauty Ideals

Men wear body paint and feathers as a sign of intimidation and attraction for females. Females comb their have and wear beads to attract males. Braiding hair is a common ideal done by both sexes.

Gender Ideals

Males are meant to hunt and defend the herd. They are also suppose to have dominance over several females in order to have more power. Females are mostly used as breeding but they are also used as bait to unsuspecting prey and foraging for food.

Courtship Ideals

The female is usually the one who starts the mating ritual when they reach fully maturity. They start by removing the cloth tunic around their torso revealing their breasts and waiting for a male to take notice. Usually several males are attracted and then fight for the female through aggressive behavior, such as stomping hives on the ground swinging around a weapon. This can sometimes result in injuries for the males involved. Once there is only one male remaining he quickly mounts the female until she is impregnated.

Relationship Ideals

The male tends to care for the female or multiple females at a time to produce as many offspring as possible. The relationships depend on the behavioral patterns of the male. The relationship ends when the male either dies or loses to another male and gains control of the females.

Average Technological Level

Primative nomads with stone weapons.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Cestau, Old Tongue, Vasli

Common Etiquette Rules

Bowing before leader, war cry during battle, speaking a prayer to the land for its bounty.

Common Dress Code

Men wear body paint with feathers and females wear a wool tonic and beads

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Centaurs live a nomadic lifestyle in their lands and have taken some taken some of the customs of the forest tribes as their own. They are also very close to the nature around them and will harm anyone who desecrate their sacred sites.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Mating season, the Dance of Blades, the Great Hunt

Common Taboos

Killing a herd mate, leaving the herd, taking a mate against their will, hunting alone, desecrating sacred ground.


The Centaurs were the creation of Jedora, the Goddess of monsters as forces for her army for world conquest. But they quickly rebelled due to their wilded nature. They made their home on the plains that spanned on the eastern lands of Kinith. But left a soon as the land died with it along with the other Beastmen races. When they arrived in the western lands they were quickly treat hostily due to their appearance, most notably from the humans living their. When the conflict broke out they were quickly feared by many of the other race due to their speed and brutality. They were mainly responsible for burning much of the forest to create the plains that they would live on for the next millennia. During that time they would terrorize humans that roamed the land for sport or a meal which ever comes first. But the Beast War would see them driven from their land and live in the Great Forest where they would remain to this day. They could constantly be at ends with just about every one and their nomadic lifestyle at times led them into hostile territory. What ever the case they are still considered a dangerous foe to cross.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Centaurs are considered to be quite hostile to most races, possibly due to their horse and human blood. They are also know to each the enemies as a sign of victory. Making many feared and respected warriors. They seem to hunt humans the most often luring them into traps and later eating them. But they seem to have taken some of the customs from the human tribes making it more likely to tolerate one another.

Scientific Name
Class: Beast Born
60 - 80 years
Conservation Status
Numbered over thirty thousand
Average Height
six to seven feet tall
Average Weight
1000 - 2000 pounds
Average Length
8 ft
Average Physique
Upper torso is muscular and below the was is that of an average horse. They are also a fast as a horse making in hard to run away from or just stopping them from trampling you.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Upper torso is usually white, horse part can be while, black, brown, yellow, red, mix colors and patterns.

Cover image: Spear Huntsman by Lucy Freeman


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