Battle of Ventoli

The Conflict


After the Battle of the Sheilds, the Imperial Royalists launch several attacks on alliance held territory across the empire and much of it fell due to the lack of resources and troops the Citizen’s Alliance could afford. Only a few areas were left that held out, including Calinfas. The alliance needed to turn the fight around and fast since they were running out of options. Then they discovered that a large army was heading towards Calinfas to try and wipe them out. They would meet them several hours later.


The Citizen’s Alliance's forces manage to intercept communications with royalist forces and prepare to attack. While the Imperial Royalists are continuing their march on Colinfas.


Plains of Helen


Cold nighttime weather

The Engagement

As Scipio's forces are half way through Proteus' hidden units, he springs his trap. Thousands of men spring from trenches covered in matted grass begin to amass around Scipios startled forces as the try to from as quickly as they can to fight back. Pilums are thrown into their exposed sides with many falling from the first throws. They are complete surround with no escape in sight and exhaustion has caused them to lbecome easy targets as well. The Alliance forces continue to advance and as Scipio and his men try to hold them, but to no avail. The dead begins to pile up and some die from suffocation from being crushed by the ever growing amount of bodies. An hour passes and he makes one last attempt to to break through with what men he has left to regroup with Caius. With desperation and veracity on their side the they quick try to break through, but are unable to since they continue to trip over the dead and are cult down with continuous missile fire, forcing them to retreat in the process and forming a defensive barrier in the center and prepare for the enemies advance. They even use their own dead to make barricades to protect them from missile fire and to block infantry from getting thorough. Then they wait with what seems to be their last moments to live about to happen. But the advance does not come and they wait to see what happens next. Proteus not wanting to lose anymore of his men for Scipio's last stand, decides to offer him terms of surrender. He and his men would be spared if they surrender peacefully and none of them would be harmed. Scipio seeing the situation no longer in his favor accepts the terms and he and his men stand down and are taken to Calinfas as prisoners of war.


Royalist forces are either captured or killed in the battle, with many them unable to return to their forces and become prisoners of war.


A third of the royalist forces are desecrated leaving the many of their areas defenseless as the alliance continues to control territory.

Historical Significance

With the Battle of the Sheilds causing casualties for the alliance, Alexios orders attacks the region to wipe them out will they are try to rebuild their forces. With much of it the alliances strongholds and supply line destroyed in the process. Believing that victory is at had he orders a massive army of twenty thousand men to attack Colinfas and end the alliance once and for all. But a messenger is intercepted by the alliance and they know that they are coming and prepare to intercept. The royalist forces are lead by two forces Caius Sornatius Maximinus and Scipio Geminia to lead the forces by commanding each half. The alliance forces are lead by Proteus Marius Colias With only fifth teen thousand. The royalists are only two days away from Calinfas and are unaware of of the alliance forces waiting for them. Scipio continues to march his forces while Caius decides to set up camp due to nightfall. Caius tries to stop him, But Scipio wants to catch alliance off guard before they realize that they are here. Several miles aways Proteus lays in wait to spring his trap on Scipio and his forces. Closer and closer he waited until he was right on top of him. Suddenly he and his forces attack for their cover from under the ground and attack Scipio's exhausted forces. Surrounding them form all side the Royalists try to properly set up proper defensive lines, but the sudden attack and their exhaustion spread confusion across the lines as the enemy begins to continue their onslaught. Unable to escape Scipio tries to break threw enemy lines in order to break through and regroup with Caius. But are un able to do so as his men are killed left and right. Soon enough he and only a few hundred of his men are left standing over the piles of their fellow dead, which they use as shields to protect themselves for projectiles. As the alliance for close in on him and his men, he orders them to stand down and surrender to save their lives. Proteus would accept it and they would be taken back to Calinfas. Caius soon heard the news as he sent a messenger to contact with Scipio, but instead learned of hi defeat and rushed his forces away from the area in order to escape the same fate since they were now at half strength. Much of their equipment would be left behind as they made their escape. The alliance would continue their advance and build a fort in order to make a base of operations in Royalist territory. Allowing them hold more ground in the process and reclaiming some of their lost territory as well. Once Alexios heard this he could only wait as the only force able to deal with this were in the north, lead by Patricio Tullius Augustanus and would take a few weeks at most to reach him.


It becomes a turning point in the war, with Royalists being forced to fight on the defensive and the alliance continues its attacks.

In Literature

Most books would see the battle as a turning point in the war as the alliance continued to take more ground and the leaving much of the Royalist forces in disarray.

Technological Advancement

Camouflage used by Proteus in the battle would be later used by other forces as well by using the terrain as their advantage to sneak attack their enemies.

Included under Conflict
First Vatian Civil War
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
2/15/1246 BCA 6:24 pm
Ending Date
2/15/1246 BCA 8:48 pm
Conflict Result
Alliance Victory


Royalist forces


  • 15,000 legionaries
  • 10,000 legionaries


  • 387 men
  • 9,768 legionaries


Stop the advance of the Royalists by Amy means necessary
Escape the ambush by any means nessacery and regroup with the rest of the Royalist forces


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