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The Rippled Sea

The 9th Day of the 2nd Month of 100 AC

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The Rippled Sea is one of many Twilight Seas within the Shimmering Seas universe.
  100 years ago, a cataclysmic event known as "the Collision" forever changed the Rippled Sea: four continental islands were smashed together inexplicably and without warning. In a split second, entire cities were destroyed, whole mountain ranges rose up, and vast regions were flooded. The loss of life happened on an unimaginable, unspeakable scale. In the chaotic years immediately thereafter, many pre-Collision cultures, histories, governments, and ways of life disappeared or were dramatically reinvented. Some however, survived.
  Each of the four pre-Collision islands, though they may now be geologically just one island, are commonly referred to individually. No name exists to refer to all four of them in their entirety. They are: Himhum Island (now in the northwest), Katinka Island (now in the southwest), the Island of Skjar (now in the northeast), and the Island of Ghorlash (now in the southeast).

Navigating a Post-Collision World

  Though 100 years have now passed since the Collision, rifts still divide the people of the Rippled Sea: those who lived pre-Collision and those who were born post-Collision; those who seek what was lost and those who seek something new; those who have nothing and those who have something.
  The Revel Watch stokes anti-magic sentiment, wary eyes keep watch at the Anvil, and the aging Søl Unger, the Last Søl of Skjar, works to rebuild his kingdom.
  Photo by Conrad Ziebland on Unsplash.