Grytack Blue Agate

About Agate

color: unsaturated blue-grey to deeply saturated sky blue, often banded with intermediate shades

lustre: waxy, dull

hardness: 6.5 - 7

specific gravity: 2.6

arcanic capacity: 8.5 - 9


name: named by Phaistian miners due to its similarity to achátis líthos. referred to as "sky stone" by Ti'Swaq collectors.


Grytack Blue Agate (Sky Stone) is a semi-precious gemstone found only in the Ryopytav mountains, specifically the canyons around and south of Grytack. It is sometimes found inside a geode, sometimes as a rock fragment.


Physical & Chemical Properties

This gemstone is extreamly acanophillic. A specimin of about 3 carats, of high clarity and with no inclusions, can store up to 10 charges of a 6th level evocation spell; double that for spells involving healing.

Geology & Geography

Found only in the Grytack area, most frequently in canyons to the north west of the Winterwheat Valley.

Origin & Source

Unknown at this time. Local myths accredit this gemstone to being a byproduct of battles between Storm Giants, bringing the sky down on their enemies in a great battle fought in the dawn of time.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Sky stones have been treasured for as long as local history can remember. Some Ti'Swaqi collectors have ancient sky stone jewelry that can be reliably dated over two thousand years old.

Cultural Significance and Usage

While some enjoy sky stones as a simple adornment, Phaistian healers and adherants of Eldath, The Quiet One prize this gemstone for its spiritual qualities. Skystone can be a strong conductor for Eldath's Peace. Many of the high priests in temples around Awsranka have signant rings or holy symbols carved from this opaque blue gemstone. At a simpiler level, many households in the Grytack area have an unpolished chunk of sky stone incorperated into their household shrine.


Trade & Market

The best time to acquire sky stones is at the Grytack Gem Market. Held once a year in the late summer, the Grytack Gem Market attracts buyers from all over Awsranka. The Miner's Guild and the Town Council cooperate to provide security and facilities. Prospectors, miners, and even amature rockhounds set up tables, booths, and blankets to sell their finds.
Highly prized, rarely sold.
Related Locations

Credits:The scientific analysis of this and other minerals is the work of Glargoic Axespine, Professor of Arcane materials and metallurgy at Gwenllian Academy of Arts and Magic.


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