The "Real" Mamnta

Some say, the land behind the Mamnta is dark and dusty, and the people that walk there simply do not find back.
Some say, the land behind the Mamnta is where the tof goes after going through the ground, burning brave and curious explorers to death alive.
Some say, the land behind the Mamnta is cold, and those who have a skin of diamond would soon have a skin of coal, losing all the energy that is left of them.
Today, I will tell you of the real Mamnta, the ones who stay in the white lands and punish those who interrupt their piece.
I want to tell you this story. My great grandfather told it to me. His grandmother Kata told it to him. She was on her way to pass the Mamnta with her mother, your great great great great great grandmother. She was carrying the barrel which contained their wheat for the way, as well as a bunch of tin and iron tools to be able to make a pause on a vertical cliff without holding oneself on it.
They were passing between two of the mountains; the middle and the very northern one. The dark smoke clouds were vanishing in their backs, as Kata was shoving the big, heavy stone barrel up the slope. The sun was burning without cover on that day, warming their left hand sides against the biting, cold height winds.
Then, suddenly, Kata's half-blinded eyes were unbent for a moment. Something made a cracking noise behind her. A few seconds later, her mother was stumbling. Kata wanted to help her mother, but she was too far in front of her, and letting go off the barrel would mean their certain hunger death.
As if pushed back, Kata's mother suddenly started falling down. As she was rolling down the slope, Kata saw something stick out of her leg.

Then something hit her barrel.

Kata let go off the barrel and started running. She ran for her live. For her mother, who had already passed the 100 by that day, this was her last expedition. But Kata was not yet ready to die.
She arrived back in Lak, our home town. My great grandfather said she was unable to speak for a couple of years, until his 15th spring, when he had his night on top of the world.
In that night, he had a sleepover at a friend's house, who was his grandmother's neighbor. The dream was just starting to take him, when his grandmother started screaming hysterically. That was the night when she first talked again, telling her grandson the story of the true mamnta, before she went onto her own last expedition: Getting to know her mother's killers.



Nobody knows how many Mamnta there really are. Some say it's a handful, some say it is a few hundreds, but it might be only one skilled predator, who strives the unknown lands.


The real Mamnta hit from the shadows. You do not see them coming. They hide in the mountains as if they were a part of them. Only when a clueless victim walks by, the predator strikes, eliminating the victim completely, not even giving back their corpse.


I tell you, they have been around forever. The great grandfather of my great grandmother already died to them, when he made his Last Expedition, and even his mother was spoken of as a great explorer who ventured into the unknown land, just to never come back.

The Mamnta, which means guardian in The Magmer Language, is a mountain range that separates the Fire Valley from the Unknown Lands to the west.
The Unknown Lands are a very popular destination for The Last Expeditions of old Magmers, which is a ritual of doing one last deadly expedition to not die in their home town. It is a fact that no magmer explorer ever came back alive from the Unknown Lands, even though so many go there.
Some Magmer claim they have seen a real Mamnta once in their lives. They report of skinny, upright running creatures, who are jumping from one Mamnta to the other in one jump. They report of long, pointy objects, that quickly catch fire when touched. They report of explorers falling in front of them, seemingly untouched by anything.
Nobody knows if these stories are true. But one thing is certain: The Mamnta are a dangerous place to go.


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