Night on top of the World

The magmers' adulthood ritual

It is exactly Morning, which at the first day of spring is exactly the minute of lovalbakak. Loval makes its way through the clouds and the Fire Ring. The barely visible f tafu'onom themselves cast dark shadows through the town, dissolving as loval is rising slowly. valta calmly sets in the West, over the mysterious Mamnta.
Gu in his youth diary


Since time immemorial, the magmer were sleeping under the open roof of f valdup. This changed, when they started building houses so they could manage the amount of sun light in their room, which allowed them to have much longer sleeps. In order to remind of the origins, young magmer still sleep outside.

When a new wave of appreciation towards younger generations was turning up in the mid 700s, the magmer people gave a name to the ritual: The future of the nation should be allowed to have "one night on top of the world" before settling onto which carrier they wanted to take.


When a magmer has his 15th spring, which is 3 months before the end of their school education, they meet in groups of 2-3 friends to sleep on the roof of ones house together, in the night from the 90th of winter to the 1st of spring. After the sleep over, there is always a free day, which usually starts of with a breakfast - which is quiet unusual in of itself. After that, they just do whatever they want, to enjoy the last full day of free time before they start hardcore-studying for their exams and their later carrier.

lavalbakak sun rise; morning
loval sun; day
f multiple
tafu'onom mountain
valta moon; night
valdup star; hope
Related Location
Fire Valley


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