Fire Valley

The Fire Valley is a large area surrounded by the Fire Ring, a group of six active volcanoes. In the north, it is adjacent to the Hot Sea, and in the West it is adjacent to the Wheat Sea, while the Fire Ring stretches from its East to its South.

  Due to the periodic eruptions and very hot air, it is only hospitable by very few live forms.

The Fire Valley is home to five mostly independent, peaceful settlements.


The Fire Valley is a mostly flat plane. From the coast line, you can see all the way to the far peak of Namut, the most lonely of the Fire Ring mountains, which is about 700 km away from the shore.

  The ground in the Fire Valley is completely made up of volcanic rock, a dark grey matter that very slowly moves with the push of the Volcanoes.

Fauna & Flora

Under the rock, there is hiding the red moss.
Feeding from the red moss, there are scale mice and moles living in the area.
Additionally, there are Nocturnal Bats that survive by sucking the blood of moles.
The Wheat Sea to the West of the Fire Valley grows Wild Wheat and is home to Golden Hoppers and Sand Fish.
Last but not least, the main inhabitants of the area are the magmer, a humanoid species that evolved a very thick skin and the ability to digest sulfur-gas, which allows them to come along with very little food.

Natural Resources

The cliffs down to the Hot Sea give access to a wide variety of minerals, from precious stones over metals all the way to colorful dusts and rocks that allow for hand paint and thereof.
The Liquid lava, also called Tof, flowing under ground allows the magmer that live in the settlements of the Fire Valley to make glass using Sand Ovens, melt metal, or grill scale mice.


  • Map of Fire Valley

    The Map shows the Fire Valley and its settlements, as well as the Fire Ring and its mountains.

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The Fire Ring (From North-East to South-West) Dot, Mod, Atmod, Lnut, Smaw, Namut
Settlements (sorted by size) Kot, Lak, Nu'uk, Taf, Gut
Other locations (from North to South) Hot Sea, Mamnta, Wheat Sea


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