Dagol Bon / Dagmoto'o of Patro'o


Magmer get Dagol Bon by repeatedly doing the same thing. They lose tack of themselves, eventually leading into a state where they can only remember the current working step. Everything that does not belong to the cycle is forgotten after a short while. The magmer's brain is caught in a loop.


If nothing is done to stop the condition, the magmer will slowly forget everything that does not directly have to do with his loop-action. Additionally, in later stages of the condition, the loop-action will lose more and more parts, until the magmer will be barely able to breathe and not remember anything at all. He is then just an empty body, struggling to die.


The only way to get a magmer out of that condition is to not let him do or see anything that is familiar to them for a while. This time span must be at least as long as the total duration of the condition so far, including all its early states. The magmer must not see his friends and family, but only strangers. He must do activities that he would never think of. In the medical facility of Kot, there is a sole field of study dedicated just to invade new activities for the cure of Dagol Bon.


1. Habits that cannot be laid off.
2. Listlessness to do certain activities (mostly those that normally would prevent the habit).
In between here are usually many stages of chipping off, where the magmer stops doing one activity after the other.
3. Repeating actions that trigger the habit.
4. Only doing the habit.
5. Stopping to do the habit. Only breathing.


1. Patro'o scratches his neck with his left hand, every time he is writing the symbol tofta.
2a. Patro'o doesn't want to go out as much anymore but instead only studies.
2b. Patro'o doesn't want to do experiments while studying but instead only writes texts.
3. Patro'o doesn't want to write any complex sentences but only writes the symbol tofta over and over.
4. Patro'o stops writing and only scratches his neck all the time.
5. Patro'o stops scratching his neck. He is now an empty body struggling to die.

Affected Groups

The condition mostly hits older people, and it mostly hits people who do pure theoretical research, which requires them to do nothing but think and write for long periods of time.


The following steps help preventing Dagol Bon:

  • Doing a variety of free time activities
  • Meeting with friends often
  • Telling each other openly about strange habits
  • Re-decorate your environment from time to time

I am sitting on my desk. Thinking about this condition that has been going around. Writing down my thoughts. I might have got it. My wife is coming in. She says she goes out to meet her friends in their tofta. I scratch my neck with my left hand. I wish her a good evening. My tofta is cracking. I scratch my neck with my left hand. My right hand is gliding over the marble. My bowl of paint is soon empty. I am going to ask my wife if she can get me some.

Where is my wife?

I just re-read what I wrote. I think I have the condition. I am calling it Dagol Bon.

Magmer Vocab Used

Dagol Not
Bon I, Me, myself
Dagol bon Not me
Dagmoto'o blemish, imperfection; Illness, Sickness
Dagmoto'o of Patro'o Patro'o's illness
Tofta Fireplace; place where the family meets, a friendly room

Chronic, Acquired & Congenital


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