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- Niamurum

Human and Elf population Travelling through leads to Quel Thalas The chief feature of this small village of about two dozen residents is the large well in the centre for which it gains its name. Legend speaks of a demonic curse that befell the village and, in a final attempt to save the people, the town's leader - the eponymous Rednar - begged Chalsea to save them, promising to fall down the well for eternity in return. As soon as he leapt in, the town found itself miraculously cured of its curse. Even now, nothing thrown into the well can ever be recovered, and it is customary for the residents to deposit food offerings into the well every evening to sustain Rednar, who they assume continues to fall to this day. IDEALS: The residents are a tight-knit community who value trust, honor, and the bond of family above all things. A promise from one of the Fall is never broken, and they shun those that fail to keep their word. SERVICES: Though they have little to trade, one of the residents - Hujjamar - is a skilled blacksmith with the odd weapon or piece of armor to spare, and the town's two resident hunters (twin elves Alenrar and Quell) will sell rations, arrows and bolts.

Owning Organization

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