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- Cantium

Human and Dwarf population Travelling through leads to Dol Kuldir and the Wildlands Even this town's name hints at the clash of cultures it contains: "mhullen" is the Dwarvish word for "brusies", whilst "-dol" is the Common suffix which means "place of". The town, which consists of about two dozen houses, has an unusual population mix of half dwarves and half humans. The two races clashed over territory and fell into a stalemate that lasted for so long the temporary buildings became permanent and as time went on and the two sides forgot what the point of their fight was. Now the humans and dwarves live in relative harmony, though tavern disputes aren't exactly unheard of. IDEALS: Both humans and dwarves know that further bloodshed would be fruitless here, so they are all equally committed to keeping the peace. However, both cultures are keen to avoid mixing too much, and all the residents would take offence at any insinuation that they have become 'the same'. SERVICES: Mhullendol brings together the smithing skills of the dwarves and the magical knowledge of the humans into one handy destination, which is a key reason it has continued to prosper. A wide variety of goods and services are thus available to friendly (and wealthy) visitors.

Owning Organization

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