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The Mortal Lands

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When the first steps were taken by the Creator upon the soil of this untainted star, it was known that it was only a temporary place; there existed a far greater paradise, far beyond current reach of those whose fingers tilled the soil and brushed the surface of the water. They called it 'The Mortal Lands,', as a reminder of their ephemeral existence. Even after the foundlings fell from the grace of the Creator, they held hope that someday they would see the lands beyond the Mortal ones.   When the star sailors came, they built a great civilization that flourished, intended to last for eternity. Alas, the truth of the star was revealed to them. Their only immortality now lays in what they left behind; strange mechanical beings, entire forests built of metal and glass, ruins of ancient observatories now left to be observed by others.   When the seeds of magic were sown upon the Mortal soil, there sprung forth grottos, oases and havens bolstered by the love of the Creator for his people. Yet these precious gifts were abused, and the People turned away from the Creator once more.   When the Progeny came forth, a final gift from the Creator to his people, they turned on him and spilled his blood. Not knowing save for a few that this blood broke the seal on an ancient curse, freeing them from the constraints of the Mortal Lands, should they wish.   And Now, When the world falls to Calamity once again, as kingdoms fall and seas rise, the People finally turn to the Creator once more, in hope that he will perhaps give his mercy one last time to the Mortal Lands.