The Creation

The Eternal Ones were before anything, they created the world out of the Great Dance, through the Dance of Oneness, the galaxies began to be formed, as they Danced through the universe they created a special planet called LEANNÁN, where they would place a special creation to form in there image and likeness. They took create care of this, making sure to give them freedom above all else in the hearts and minds. They were in one accord on this, though the Dance of Life, The world started to form, and then plants and animals of all kinds were created, Wisdom and Creativity were ecstatic through this process, Wonder and Tenderness was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Life being created, Mercy and Justice held hands and kissed over the world in the Triumph of the Dance of Life, Faithfulness and Joy overwhelmed by the great care and love leapt into the air and started spinning in the air releasing the wind of Life into the Creation. When The Eight saw all this they wept and roared with laughter over the beauty of this creation and has there tears of ecstasy fell on the planet mixing with the dirt around the world and the wind of laughter went through the planet of LEANNÁN Man and Women were created filling the earth, filled with the Breath and Water of Life, they went forth. The Eternal Ones walked with Man and Women.


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