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6 - 11/24

While the demon who (presumably) had caused the curse was slain, Rosie and Shizukana realized they were risking succumbing to the curse should they go it alone. Moxie went back to town and reconnected with Raeziel, who brought along an ally, an old florist named Lobelia who possessed druidic abilities.   After knocking out a few cursed villagers in the foyer, the group began to explore the first level. The kitchen had hundreds of bats in the ceiling, so the group avoided it for now. Another room with an ornate iron-bound door had an intricate lock and trap, but thwarted the initial attempts at entry.   Shizukana found a man who had barricaded himself in a room, and began to communicate using the Message cantrip in an effort to coax him out. unfortunately he was paranoid and desperately tried to drown out the voice in his head. The gang tried to break down the door, but he held fast from within, before finally casting silence to stop the intruders from getting to him.   Finally Lobelia had enough and used wild shape to crawl under the door as an ant. After a futile attempt at telepathy to calm him down, the cleric of Thyr began to rock back and forth while clutching his holy symbol. Lobelia then transformed back into their halfling form and tried to knock the poor cleric out, but he fought back! Rosie dispelled the silence but was unable to provide aid, and after minutes of agonizing combat he was finally knocked unconscious.   After taking his weapons and the rest of the group entering his room, the Rosie healed him and efforts to calm him continued. He finally settled down after he said a prayer in High Boros and Rosie responded in the same tongue. He had apparently survived in this room for months, ever since the curse had fallen, subsisting only on his create food and water spell and continually casting remove curse believing should he stop he would suffer the same fate at the others.   The group convinced him to be escorted to the ground exterior, where he seemed quite unsure of what to do now. As a favor, he used his daily remove curse spell on Rosie, but unfortunately it removed the scales rather than the shriveled nose.   Continuing on, the group managed to enter the library on the second attempt. After deducing a simple lock using the key in the desk, the group found that Lord Morrick had turned his family to stone while he attempted to find a cure. Unfortunately his body was found, seemingly he had perished before finding one. There were numerous scrolls of stone to flesh, details of Lord Morricks thoughts on the curse, and other valuables found in the safe.   Next the party ventured upstairs, where the stone bodies of two twin boys and a young girl in her late teens lie on beds. Unfortunately it seemed the statue of the mother had fallen, lying in a crumbled heap on the ground. The next room had a strange demon who possessed corpses. Thankfully it proved to be unable to take on the party even with its demonic allies, and was quickly struck down.   Finally the group found the body of a halfling containing a note, clearly identifying that the pebble which cursed this land was tossed into a fountain somewhere on the grounds.

Important Characters

Rosie - A human bard and prior performer in the circus, she hopes that a successful job here would improve her station back home. She succumbed to the Morrick estate curse, blinding her, covering her in iridescent scales and shriveling her nose shut. Thankfully the local priestess was able to remove the blindness, and the paranoid cleric purged the scales, but the shriveled nose remains.
Shizukana - A human ninja and sister of Rosie, she is an expert rogue and arcane trickster. He unfamiliarity with the town has made her investigations more difficult, but she has still managed to garner much useful information about the nobles.
Raeziel Ramrider.png
Raeziel Ramrider - A rougish duergar who had become more active on the surface do to the lack of the sun, she joined the group briefly for her own endeavors. With the loss of Adolpha, she returned once again to aid the party in removing the curse from the Morrick estate.
Lobelia Thornapple.png
Lobelia Thornapple - A florist with a shady background, Raeziel called upon her for a little extra muscle to help end the curse on the Morrick Estate.
Moxie Applecrusher.png
Moxie Applecrusher - A half-dwarf from the Pinnacle of Freedom Isles, she has came to the mainland as a representative of Pink and joined the group in their venture. She fights with a gun and her gadgets, as well as her mechanical raccoon.  
Fourale - The paranoid and cowardly cleric had barricaded himself in the house for months until the party arrived. After tormenting him and knocking him unconscious, he was finally calmed down and escorted out of the grounds.

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