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The Known World

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Erde is a world ravaged by fear, hate, racism, and human flaws as a whole. Constant struggles between land, riches, and pride can be found in the form of war. Magic flows through Erde, twisting and turning with the tides of man. This source of power is held by select few, born with the insight of how to use it, to form it to their will. Dark magic is common and found in the depths of every man's soul. For what is a man's soul made of if not magical energy? Such constant struggles and flaws found in the mortal races has caused dark creatures to form in the depths of night. Murder's gave birth to revenant, and bestiality to gnowls. The malpractices of humanoid races is their own doom. Welcome to Erde, the Known World.

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Erde is a world ravaged by war, greed, pride, and the faults of humanity, and other humanoids alike. Whatever is to blame for the mishaps of this world can be pointed to in history.

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