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On the edge of the territory of The Kingdom of Myr, after having passed the fishing town, separated from the land rests an island, on which stand the city of Thermitia.   At its discorvery, the place was nicknamed the temple of fire by Sl because at first sight no trace of the original name was found. The structure, now known as Thermitia from old records from Bel-O-Kan, appears on its surface as a kind of small mountain made by hand using harden clay. With numerous troglodyte houses that dot its surface, and several large chimneys scattered among the houses serving as escape vent for the hot air leaving the belly of the city, one being larger and taller than the rest being at the center of the structure. The main entrance to the inside of the city present on the east side of the city is also aligned whith this chimney..   The spine of the mountain like structure being oriented in the axis of the islands, it is also closer to the west cliff of the islands, occupying all of this side and a bit little of the east side. In contrast, the remaining surface of the island is marked here and here by acacias, and after that only bushs remains.     Supposed to have been warped there by a cataclysm, due to an old record of Bel-O-Kan stating the existence of this city but not where she stands as of today. The place being completely deserted, it was colonize by Bel-O-Kube after its discovery by Sl.   The troglodyte structure in the harden clay with its many chimneys, had many and very complex equipment in the domain of smithing and metallurgy. After having repair those that were broken to the extend of the knowledge of the moment, the city retook its role by producing metal component that could be needed. The many kilns and forges once again at work.      

Inner Structure


The High Hall

    Entering the city through the main entrance, is a large and high hall centered on the largest of the chimneys, being almost of a round shape. This hall is divided into three floors, the first being the main entrance, the second and third are cylindrical floors pierced in the center supported by arches coming out of the stone walls left bare.   A large quantity of small smithing furnace can be found covering the lower part of the walls of the first and second floor to the opposite side of the entrance of the first floor.     On the second is at its center a ball of melted glass suspended on the axis of the central chimney by four long heavy chains going up the the part of the roof where it begin. Within this sphere of glass is what seems to be lava that seems to follow a current forcing a movement of output to the South Pole and entrance to the North Pole. It is guessed that this phenomenon could be a byproduct of the hot air rising up and warming up the outter layer of the lava, thus creating a current between the hot outer layer and the cold inner layer of the sphere. But the speed of the current appears too quick for the level of heat emited from the lava pool below at the at this height. The possibility of magic for the phenomenon is also being investigated to explain it.     Beside that, the very reason for the presence of the object, in the center of its floor, suspended in the void in the axis of the main chimney is still a mystery. For the object does not seem to answer any functional need to the whole place, Seeming to be only some kind of ornament, and a little dangerous one too. But the advanced technological aspect in terms of metalurgy, and the pratical design of the room of Thermitia, come into direct opposition with the idea because no rooms, no tools, have any forms of decorations and ornamentation , All always responding to a function without ever leaving room for superfluous elements.     And finaly, at its third floor and lowest floor, is a large lava lake marked at its center by a stone plateau rising from the lava at a height of one meter. Nothing special could be said of the place except for the corpse of the dragon that Sl narrowly killed while exploring the place.   Of unknown origin and race, this dragon was of a respectable size. By the oral presentation that had been made by Sl during his fight, and the observations made of the corpses remaining half in the lava and the head and a paw on the plateau of stone. This creature looked like a kind of very large snake, with ventral scales with an orange hue, and dorsal scales resembling rock but with a dark red hue. Equipped with two legs ending with three claws after the head. The upper part of its head having scales of a gray color, horns starting behind its eyes, and some kind of flame mane that disappeared after its death.   Beyond the visual aspect, this dragon had the ability to move in the lake of magma surrounding the stone plateau at its ease without any form of injury from the heat of the liquid. This ability is even preserved after the death of the creature because the upper body still resting quietly on the plateau and the rest of the creature is still fully present without any form of aggression from the lava it would appears. In addition to this, the dragon does not appear to show any signs of decomposition externally, but after further inspection by someone with a developped sense of telepathie, signs of decomposition are indeed present in the dragon's body. The dragon would therefore seem totally impermeable to the outside, and its scales would be resistant enough that they would not be afraid of the surrounding heat and the direct contact with the lava, However that said, they transmit almost completely the heat, which makes it almost impossible to recover them because touching them would be equivalent to dipping one's hand directly into the lake of lava surrounding the plateau.       The main high hall presented in its entirety has now come the turn of the rooms connected to it. All the rooms that will follow are present in a symmetrical way along an axis cutting the quasi circle of the high hall from the main entrance  

The sides rooms

    To begin from the entrance level, on the first floor there are series of storage rooms for the different products made as well as lifts going down to the lower floors. Other storage rooms are also present all along the stairs going down.   At the second level is on each side of the large hall, a large room with a very big smithing furnace and several anvils. The rooms then extend laterally to the level of elevators, with the space occupied by presses. Below these rooms is another room identical to the one above, accessible from the main room by stairs following the bare walls of the high hall and from the lifts.   And at the third level, are very large rooms equipped for metalurgical works, accessible via the lifts coming from the smithing rooms and the corridor flanking the high hall. Connected to the level are also smaller rooms storing the needed material for the smelting, such as iron, coal and other. The metalurgical rooms are aslo connected to the third level of the high hall, from those entrance is visble several meter below the lava lake, its stone plateau and the remains of the dragon.  


      Several collapsed corridors dot here and there the whole structure but after clearing operations, it was noticed that these corridors all stopped clearly. Clear cuts also present in the very composition of the surrounding rocks which would suggest that Thermitia would have been subject to a Cataclysm.     Especially in view of the fact that traces of information of a city identical to the one present today have been found among the few rare pieces of knowledge that have been found from the ancient Bel-O-Kan. Where the city described would be rather in dry areas, subject periodically to periods of strong precipitation. Describe as being made of hardened clay and built around tall chimneys. The description would stick to what we can see. The inhabitants of these dwellings are described in a manner that would let think to a sort of species related or close to ants. But the elements concerning these individuals stop at these few informations, and all that would be said more would be only supposition since only the construction seems to have survived the Cataclysm having transposed the place since no cadaver nor other traces could not be found in and around Thermitia.  

Colonization of the deserted city of Thermitia

    After SL reported on what he had explored, members of the city were sent to inspect the site and assess the feasibility of rehabilitating the entirety of Thermitia. By doing this, the city would then have an important ability to produce quality parts with less difficulty thanks to the many materials and forging elements present. Thus what needed and could be repaired was, allowing Thermitia to once again be able to produce metalic parts . The restoration of Thermitia also allowed a clear improvement in the material of The Black Surge [WIP] ability to produce quality parts with less difficulty thanks to the many materials and forging elements present. Thus what needed and could be repaired was, allowing Thermitia to once again be able to produce metalic parts . The restoration of Thermitia also allowed a clear improvement in the material of @Bla, providing armor and equipment in greater quantity and quality, something that the few furnaces of blacksmiths of Bel-O -Kube had trouble doing, especially when one's equipment is specially tailored to that one individual.   In order to accommodate the lives of the people working on site, the troglodyte houses on the surface of Thermitia were also restored to accommodate residents. Fields were laid out on the remaining areas on the northern and southern part of the island, so that a food source could be directly accessible on site.   A large and sturdy bridge was also constructed, linking the east cliff of the ilsand to the cliff facing it of the main land. Transportation of goods on lands was therefore more easy, especially with some of The Obsidiant helping to bring resources in large quantities from Bel-O-Kube to Thermitia, and vice versa. At the level of the sea was also build in the east cliff, peers and an inside port, in order to be able to receive goods from the sea, and to offer and second on the spot source of food by fishing.      


The people living in Thermitia are called the thermitien.


The main industry and trade of Thermitia are the different piece of metal equipement and element being produce in the inside of Thermitia. Which are send and use inside the region of Myr.


A bridge connecting the island to the main land of Myr     The foundry


Inside of Thermitia are store from the bottom near the foundary, the raw material needed to produce any metalic good, to the top, the finished products. Are also present all equipement necessary to produce any thing from the proccesed material, from simple tools as hammers and pliers, to large blacksmith furnace and kiln.


Thermitia is located on a island, a strech of land ending in cliffs from all side. This body facing from all its lenght the west coast of the region of Myr.

Natural Resources

Vegetable from the fields. Fish from the sea.

Owning Organization
The Kingdom of Myr

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