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The Myrmécéen


Major language groups and dialects

In parallel of the commun language, the true major language of the members of Myr is the usage of thelepathy. Enabeling every member the capacity to discuss with the upmost depth without the fear of misunderstanding, and to strengthening the bonds between them to the point where they see each other as member of a large family, despite their differences.

Culture and cultural heritage

As presented on the "Demography and Population" part of the The Kingdom of Myr's article, different species are part of The Myrmécéen etchnicity.   The very organization of these different groups is unique in itself since there is no grouping by language, culture or even race and racial aspect, thanks to the linking capacity that telepathy allows by removing all forms of boundaries separating people without the need to put aside their individuality and particularity to integrate. And by making everyone aware of each other's consciousness, their needs and desires, their dreams and fears, are understood and harmonized despite their disparities.   Thus, several different cultures coexist and evolve together, whether they are sartorial, food, philosophical, literary, or practices, in an understanding and mutual respect of their difference. The interconnection between individuals allows this relationship between differences by making natural interactions and exchanges on their various aspects and facets, and tolerance to these differences.   This situation also makes it possible to avoid the secularization that can often be observed to occur within the city in the form of neighborhood being constituted only by a single racial or cultural group. And thus avoid this societal fracturing.

Shared customary codes and values

Equity, Unity in Diversity, Liberty

Coming of Age Rites

Serving as some coming of age rite, the military service in the The Black Surge [WIP] is necessary to prove that the individual of Myr are able to defend themself, his peers and any other person in danger whatever the situation, and the means available   If the individual is interested in the military field, they can choose to expand their service to enter the army professionally.

Common Taboos

Most of the taboos resulte from the wide usage of telepathy between the population due to the fact that its basis is to feel the emotion of what suround yourself.   Here is a list of action seen as to be thefore avoided:   To consciously hurt someone, doing so directly or/and indirectly, in a bellicose way.   To engage oneself in indulging acts without a notion of restrain or consideration.   To eat meat from livestock   To make one's own eulogy   And in a more unique way. To use the telepathy with people outside of Myr, people judged not trustworthy, or those who could prove to be problematic in the future, are to be highly avoided. As the knowledge of the capacity could lead to unwanted attention to Myr and its population, the memory and scars of the attack from Nigrium being often recall.

Historical figures

  • Jesollas
  • Arthur

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