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Obsidian poisoning / corruption

The obsidian corruption is a biproduct of theOrganic Alchemy when a physical link is made between a defective product and its user, such for exemple Obsidian prosthesis .   While originating from a botched Organic Alchemy procedure of there are two main causes where the obsidian had not been be given enough time and focus to be assemble correctly:   -the outer layer of obsidian is still brittle and fine particules are sent unintentionally in the blood stream beyond the initial contact surface on the host's body.   -fine particle are still present in the inner organic mass and have not been assemble with the rest on the outer layer.

Transmission & Vectors

Fine particles


Defective obsidian prosthesis


The best treatment possible is in the first place to remove the article physicaly connected, to prevent futher poisoning. Depending on the periode of usage of the defective material, an equal periode in lenght of time must be observed so that the body can eliminate the foreign bodies if possible.   The nature of the condition make this objectif of a full cleansing impossible, but this condition requires an accumulation of matter to lead to health issues. Therefore make the extremely small amount of particle still present in the body unable to cause problem.

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