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Methanier firearms


  After two centuries of existence, while not being under immediate treath, The Kingdom of Myr decided that it was time to outfit parts of its troop with the technology that was present since fifty years in the hand of some of the more questionables plarts of the worlds. So was lunched in the bowel of the alchimical district of Bel-O-Kube , several researchs programs with the goal to come up with a weapon that could provide, if not more, the advantages of firepower and range that muskets gave to their weilder.     Ideas on how to deal with the problem where touched upon, and before the end of the first month, from them emerge the base of what would provide the power to the firepower.     Myr is a region that is able to produce anything in the most excellent state, but the reason come from the fact that it is not a big one, so every source of material must be accounted and cared for, and those sources couldn't be spent in an non-extensible manner, powder and reactive mineral could no be just spent for a singular use. So with that in mind, checking those boxes, the strangest source for an explosion was found. Browsing alchimcal record, conpounds that could provide an explosion were noted and researched, and the one called swamp gas (methane). A gas found in quantity around swamp due to the decomposition of organic material, said to be the same as the one encountered in mines well knowed for its high chance of explosion when a torch is used. It was also found that all creature produced the element in a lesser quantity, and in the case of some from the bovine family could be produced to a point with unexpected and ... well ... gory consequences.   The idea to harness the power of the explosion, that renders foggy swamps, deeps mines with pockets of the gas and bloated ruminants dangerous was decided to be the chosen solution, the scale of the energy promising goods results.   Some officer from The Formic Section that already had, or could develop, the capacity for the organic alchemy were choosen and proposed to partake in the research program of the methanier firearm in order for the people working on the project to have a better feedback from people used to other range weapon and with ballistical knowledge, and who will most likely end up using the result of the research. And so the months following where spent on trying to create with the Organic Alchemy a somewhat proto-intestine that when fed would produce the desired compound in a repeatable manner. Thanks to mixture of organic vegetal material, prepared back at Bel-O-Kube to ensure the best concentration possible of produced swamp gas in the destonation chamber. Other gases being also present but in smaller quantities.     While smalls detonations, voluntarily and involuntarily, were felt and the necessary amount of the gas needed to provide to a projectile enought force was being estimated, the first prototype for the riffle was made (visible on the top of the 360° view). While being of a crude conception, with its dangelings parts and exhaustions panels, it showed that the path was the right one. Ballisticals results showing for an equal amount of matter a greater potential for this source of energy, in range and firepower (for those wondering, the amount needed to fire a musket is 12g, you only need 0,6g of methane to provide the same force). But this also meant that the barrel would need to be thicker in order to not explode under the pressure if it was desired to fill it with more gas.   From this was then created two weapons, the rifle and the cannon, with which The Formic Section was outfited, but not to the point of replacing the old bows or the more recent variant of crossbow. The reasons being that those items need that their operator has enought experience for them to be able to build something quite complexe from the Organic Alchemy and for it to be verified. Over time this problem might diminishs thanks to previous operators that could choose to gave the last strengh of their life essence to power the part to which they were connected as is done with the The Obsidiant , by completing the fragmented rituals used to developp the Organic Alchemy as it became somewhat of a tradition with the death of Arthur.     Changes were later made to the model. As with the barrel of the weapons that started being riffled to improved their accuracy, the technique while knowed was not used by other as the powder used tends to accumulate in the engraving, making the loading more complicated to the point where the bore had to be fully cleaned. But the use of a gas in the case of the methanier firearms resolve on its own this issue as there was no element left.    



  The idea of Myr having its own type of firing arm, started with a prototype made with a quickly made stock serving as the base and metalic parts for the mechanism, the proto-intestine left to develop around the barrel and lock plate in a tank. Being a prototype, the priority was to define the most efficient way to reach the goal, explaining the reason for the exposure of the proto-intestine and the need of exhaust panels along the barrel.  
  After the process was developed to its final point, a finished version of the riffle was made. The proto-intestine being protecting inside a canister from the outside elements, and allowing if the need arise to replace the proto-intestine without having to scrap the whole riffle. The end of the intestine being thread throw a sock is connected to the detonation chamber. The cap closing the canister is filled with the mixture of organic vegetal material. When the canister is closed tight, the proto-intestine is then in contact with the mixture and will start to break it down, building up inside of it gases, that when needed will be allowed by the operator to pass into the detonation chamber.   The system being horizontaly set, When there is no more mixture and the cap needs to be refill or replaces with a full one, the rifle must be held verticaly when the cap is unplug in order to prevent caustic liquid from spilling out.     On the side of the mechanism, pulling the trigger will create a spark in the chamber, igniting the gas inside of it, allowing the bullet to be propulse throw the barrel. The bullet itself is also special with its skirt made of resin, serving as plug, preventing the bullet to fall down the barrel on itself or from the building pressure from the swamp gas filling the detonation chamber.   Overall, the methanier rifle offer to its operator a greater range and firepower, but in order to resist to the greater pressur all part under its effect are also thicker which make it in return a heaver firearm.    

Cannon (note: not complete and details may change)

  While the system remains the same in the mains lines as the rifle, its size is augmented to accomodate for ammunitions nearly three time large than the ones of a rifle, and more so a greater firepower provided by a larger detonation chamber. For this, a larger canister is directly located behing the detonation chamber, and a larger cap is used, placed atop of the canister thus preventing the manipulation needed with the rifle.  
  But being larger and heavier thant the rifle, it is more demanding to manipulate it. To ensure that all degrees of rotation remain, different system exist depending on the surface to witch it is set. On a fix defensif point, classical means are used.   The Obsidiant can also be equipped with a cannon, in that case a more unique system is used. For the horizontale rotation there is no system, if it is needed the driver will have to rotate The Obsidiant itself because if the cannon is not aligned with the length of The Obsidiant it will make it far harder for it to put up with the recoil of the cannon. For the vertical movement is made with two tendons-like elements made with the Organic Alchemy bounded to the obsidiant's driver, pulling and pushing the cannon on both sides of its central axis.


Rifles and artillery pieces


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Due to the time needed to produce the "proto-intestine", an element more complex than a muscle, it's a rather somewhat long process.

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