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Queen Jesollas

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

This image is a representation of Jesollas, the last true ant of Bel-O-Kan. But even so, she’s different from her mother, because she doesn’t have a second pair of arm. Those were not developed during her hibernation to save her some energy. This is the same for her wings and her reproductive organs.

Body Features

While her body ressemble one of any belokubien ant with a quick look, because she is a natural ant, she doesn't have such feature as the chitin covered breast of the belokubien ant of mamal's origin, or hair on her head. Her leg are also in three part (instand of two for a human ant), and have only two toe, or more correct, claws for her feets. Overall, her body is a little bit thiner, and her back abdomen a little bit longer.   Aside of that, her chitin is of an amber tone of color.

Identifying Characteristics

The digitigrade legs that are reminiscent of her dead specie the ant of Bel-O-Kan. A longer back abdomen

Special abilities

Extended Telepathic Skill

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In forgotten times was the anthill of Bel-O-Kan, which after many trials achieve to make itself the center of itsforest. But this golden age came to an end with the sound of thunder, flood and fractured land, brought by a great cataclysm. Seeing the work of her lifetime, a place where all insects lived together, being brought down by nature and its elements. the queen run into the forest as much as she could and dug a hole where to put her last larva. Praying for her Jesollas, to be safe and to one day wake up.   The time passing, the land changing, and so Jesollas one day wake up from her slumber.

Mental Trauma

Fear of not being able to revive Bel-O-Kan and falling Bel-O-Kube and its people.

Morality & Philosophy

Her philosophy is based on asceticism and the duty that she has imposed over herself to improve the life of any that live in Bel-O-Kube.

Personality Characteristics


Her upmost priority is to make sure Bel-O-Kube and its people thrive.


Contacts & Relations

Very close to Arthur

The Myrmécéen
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Myr
Circumstances of Death
Struck down by the demon Nigrum
Current Residence
The City of Bel-O-Kube
Biological Sex
Dark with brown reflections
Aligned Organization
The Kingdom of Myr
Known Languages
Not having developed vocal cords, Jesollas doesn't speak any oral language. Being the last member of the initial true ants of Bel-O-Kan she can use pheromone in order to speak in scent. But to be able to speak with people, she use her telepathy to communicate with other, nullifying the problem of different laguages.

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