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Traveling from place to place to do little job and occupy its head, being a mercenary, a courtier or whatever could be needed at the moment. Arthur ended up in the still young Bel-O-Kube to help with some mining work. The job being well paid, he stayed there, growing a liking to the place and its people. Later partaking in an expedition organised by Sl, to establish a camp on the newly opened plan of Nimps by the Stendelien Empire. And after their comeback, receiving dedicated personal training by Jesollas herself in telepathy.   Through his help to diverse enterprise of the city, Arthur became the second of Jesollas after Sl. When the Stendelien empire opened a portal to the lost original plan of the empire itself, Sl once again organised, in cooperation with an ally of Bel-O-Kube, the village of the Emerald Lake. An expedition on this plan to this time establish a colony, named Colonny of the Kubnigera. Arthur partaking on this expedition, but this time as a representativ of Bel-O-Kube and spiritual teacher of the Esprit.   Years after the establishment of the Kubnigera, the demon Nigrum, long enemy of Domfulmen and Zovsky, landed his sight of Jesollas with the intent of taking control of her to use her strong presence in the web of the Esprit to control all having developed the talent. Going back to Bel-O-Kube after Domfulmen and Zovsky, Arthur arrived and confronted Nigrum, having equipped, or more so applied, an experimental substance to himself. With the help of the Dr.Livingstone awakened by the distress in its slumber by Jesollas, Nigrum was chased off the city. But despite their effort Jesollas was killed during the fight with Nigrum.   After those events, Arthur accepted reluctantly to take the position held by Jesollas in the City.   When Arthur estimated that he had lived long enough, he decided to finished the scraped rituals used to make the organic alchime by giving the rest of his life away to complete his chitine and provide to Myr's protector its full strengh.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Saving the population of Myr from Nigrum.

Failures & Embarrassments

Not being able to save Jesollas from Nigrum

Mental Trauma

The death of Jesollas.

Intellectual Characteristics

Has a good spatial awarness, capacity to use logic


Talking about his former life with his family.

Personality Characteristics


To help as much as possible

Savvies & Ineptitudes

EXTREMELY not good at starting conversation with people.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: his sword; flavored food; the sound of rain and wind; the sensation from the sun, rain and wind Dislikes: Any form of abuses, physical as mental.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, ingenious, open minded, always calm and retained

Vices & Personality flaws

Sometime selfless. Can be a little too direct. Tends to be easily frustrated and sometime depressed, but keep it for himself. Cares sometime too much about people even when he can't do anything.

Personality Quirks

From time to time Arthur will crack some of his bones, as his arms, knees, phalanges, back and his sternum, usually unconsciously.


Tends to forget to trim and brush his hair and beard, passing simply his hand to brush them back.


Contacts & Relations

Very close to Jesollas

Current Location
The Myrmécéen
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Myr
Circumstances of Death
Gave his last essence of life to his Chitin in order to empowered the protector of Myr
Current Residence
Biological Sex
medium long, brown
Aligned Organization
The Kingdom of Myr
Known Languages
Common, telepathy

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