Excalibur's Peace

Diplomatic action

Summer A.D. 489

King Uther, fed up with Duke Gorlois's recalcitrance, takes his army to Cornwall but peace is struck at the last moment thanks to the Sword Excalibur and the word of Sir Bradwen, Sir Gaius, and Sir Monroe.

The armies of Logres and Cornwall gathered to do war, as Uther had decided that Gorlois had skirted his demands for aid one too many times. Before battle began, Duke Gorlois requested a parlay with King Uther.   King Uther, together with Duke Ulfius, Count Roderick, and Merlin met with Duke Gorlois and his men. After they had exchanged some words, our knights were summoned and at Duke Gorlois's request, they backed up his story of how bad things were in Cornwall. King Uther seemed as if he might be swayed by this, but even as he was preparing to grant pardon to Gorlois, Sir Huw stepped forward to tell King Uther that agents of his had intercepted a letter from Monroe's manner to Cornwall, warning them of Uther's plans. Put on the spot, Sir Monroe told Uther that the writing was clearly that of a woman, and Uther conceded this, suggesting that perhaps a woman of Monroe's household was not as loyal as he thought.   Merlin then told Uther to show Gorlois his sword, and Uther did so. Gorlois was clearly impressed by Excalibur, and Merlin emphasized that Uther could not wield the Heart of Britain without being just. Gorlois conceded this, and asked what he would get if peace were made. At first, Uther was incensed by this, but Merlin pulled him aside and spoke to him.   After listening to Merlin, Uther turned and told Gorlois that he would get all the lands "from here to the sea to keep for the King" and Gorlois accepted.   By the might of Excalibur and the word of our knights, war was averted with Cornwall—for now.

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