Summer Camp 2021 Imaginaerium: Day 27

Hello everyone!
  Humans. If you think about it, we're pretty weird. We eat poison for flavor (spice), or drink it recreational reasons (alcohol), we expose ourself to radiation for cosmetic reason (sunbathing), and we can survive injuries that would be fatal for most other species on our planet. This phenomena can be summarized as a sort of Humans Are Space-Orks thing, and there's an entire Tumblr about it.   Check it out here   I think it started with something like this:  
  You can find more of that here   We're a bunch of scary space-weirdos.  
  For today's Imaginaerium, we are going to peer into the brilliant minds of the Anvilites who are taking part of Summer Camp and see what advice they have for us. One of WA's greatest assets is its amazing community, so lets get better together.   Today, we're talking to map magician and awesome artist, AP!  

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I'm AP! I am a self-employed digital artist, still trying to find my groove with making art, maps, writing words and building worlds. Oh, and streaming too. I am an English girl currently living in Yorkshire.  

What world are you working on for Summer Camp?

A fresh new world called Eltarra, which is actually spawned from a story I started writing years ago during NaNo and was the reason I joined World Anvil. The project was abandoned though, a completely new world taking its place, but I am excited to find the spark for it again and dive in with SC.  
Check it out here:

What is your past experience with Summer Camp?

This is my first Summer Camp! But I suppose you could say my previous "experience" with Summer Camp was simply one of avoidance. I think I was slightly intimidated by just how large and active the World Anvil community was and hadn't been (and still am not) entirely sure how I would fit in. I also don't have a great track record with monthly challenges so wasn't sure of my own capabilities.  

How do you go about generating ideas for the prompts?

I am hoping that some prompts will create that instant spark of an idea, or perhaps fit in with an existing and undefined idea that is floating around my brain. If this doesn't (and inevitably won't always) happen, I will sit and make notes of initial thoughts or related words that could help to generate and flesh out an idea.  

What's your approach to this Summer Camp?

I plan on keeping it fairly chilled out with the intention of simply having fun with it.  

What are your tricks for staying on track?

Wait, there's a trick to that? I honestly don't know, but one thing I will try to do is keep myself accountable by engaging with other Summer Campers and Awesome Anvilites.  

How do you handle those bad days when you get stuck or can't seem to get writing done?

I'd like to say "without guilt or frustration", but that's not always true. When those days hit though, I will try to be kinder to myself and simply change it up - take a break, do something different, and give my brain a break.  

What, or who, inspired you to want to write?

Reading epic fantasy novels really did it for me. Authors such as Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, J.V Jones and Robin Hobb amongst others. Through them I could escape into a world that captured my imagination and felt almost real, and inspired me to want to create my own world like that. Essentially, I want to write a book that I would want to read.  
Big thanks to AP for sharing her wisdom with us today!
  And now, here's some music to keep you company while you write:    
Don't waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.  
— H. Jackson Brown Jr.


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