Dewdrop Naiads

Tiny water spirits who often bond to single drops of water.   They love holding droplet races on car windows and shower walls.   As they fall in snowstorms, dewies take great care carving and shaping their drops into intricate flakes. Except the punks. You know the type -- Hail Santa and all that ;)   Tardigrades are a favorite animals among the little naiads. They often keep these water bears as pets and work animals. Legend has it they even rode armored tardies into battle centuries ago.   BUBBLE NAIADS -- they always have a bit of magic and some soap on hand to turn their drops into bubbles. Then they ride on the wind.   "Sugar bubbles" are a hollow treat some naiads make and sell to tourists. But they'll never tell you the secret recipe that keeps these candies strong!   These spirits also have a talent for soap making. They craft exquisite soaps in the shape of flowers and snowflakes. These soaps are known to have near-miraculous cleaning properties and the biggest, latheriest bubbles.


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