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Welcome to the town of thousand gems, where every gem is man-cut and every crystal by hand!
— Sign at the entrance gate
Krestfall is a small settlement found in the northern regions of Nõrdlann, known by its inhabitants as the crystalline fort. Well known for its trade in crystals and gems, the city is also famous for the legend of Gemma the Oread. As such, crystals and gems have become the symbol of the town and all who dwell in it.


Most of Krestfall is populated by a large amount of Dwarves, but also Oreads.

Industry & Trade

Krestfall is famous for their production and polishing of crystal and gem jewellery, considering their rich underground they live upon. As such, the place is home to an industry of diamonds and crystal minerals, even some magic items being made with them. Other ores such as iron and gold are also extracted from the local mines, oten used as a secondary resource.


The town was originally founded by a bunch of Dwarves, said to be used as a mining facility due to the rich resources found near and below the town itself. As such, it became a well-known home for jewelry makers and crystal miners, seeking out gems and rare minerals from across the globe. However, their overabundence of mining resources led to sinkholes beginning to form, pulling the town slowly under due to collaping mines or cave-ins. That was, until Gemma came along. As the Oread saw the dangers of the town about to collapse, she sacrifised herself to act as a supporting pillar. By using her crystal man syndrome to distort into a massive pillar of crystal and gems, her body supported the town long enough for other miners to create supports and stabilise the underground of the city. Ever since, her sacrifise has ensured the city remained blooming to this day, with only a few hiccups here and there.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Town of a thousand gems
Large town
Location under

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