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Alliance of the Six Worlds

Guardians of the Hourglass

Written by Endrise

Every world is on the constant threat of falling apart. It is only because we keep rebuilding them do they survive and even strive in this cosmic conflict.
— Walton Corundum

The Alliance of the Six Worlds exists to protect the Cosmic Hourglass. Comprised out of members from all corners of the multiverse, they guard it against major threats. From the incursions of Demons and Angels to horrors from beyond the edge of existence.

Throughout their eons of service, their duties remained the same: to ensure the safety of the realms, and avoid the collapse of all that is known.

Organisation & Structure

Main Goal & Duties

The main purpose of the alliance is to defend against threats from outside their realms. From invading forces of the upper and lower planes to threats that come from other places.

This includes everything from Angels and Demons to Elementals and Fae. Anything that disrupts the natural flow of a realm and should be removed as fast as possible.

They deal with such issues through countermeasures and precautions. Setting up posts at major incursion hot spots, raising armies to fight off the dangers of other worlds and providing aid to other realms with interdimensional highways. Tasks that require a lot of organisation.


All groups in the alliance work as independent units defending their own home turf, being responsible for its safety. In case of a greater invasion, they can call upon the support of other worlds with operators ready at any given moment.

Either leaders of the groups or their representatives do the major duties and meetings. Because of the constant threat of surprise attacks, none of them meet in person.



The alliance’s history dates back as far back as the end of the Tri-Realm War. After the split of the elemental chaos from the Faelands, the newly established pillars became the focus for both Demonic and Angelic incursions. First beginning small with a few trying to invade, but as the Angelic and Infernal realm formed, their numbers grew in size.

Eventually, this led to each of the realms establishing their own troops to deal with incoming threats. First as small organisations, only to become more unified forces across the realm. With communication and technology improving, it became easier over time.

When gateways between realms becoming more available, the elemental planes learned of each other’s troubles. Troops and supplies were traded, providing support to other realms in the progress, creating a web of communication between all of them.

This led to the birth of the original Pillars of the Hourglass, protecting the ends of the four realms. But as both invading sides reached the inner spheres, two more groups joined.

A few centuries into the alliance, members of Fabulae and the Faelands joined too. With the six worlds united under a common goal, the Alliance of the Six Worlds was born.

Military, Other

Members of the Six Worlds

The alliance consists of people coming from around all corners of the multiverse. Each one operates under their own organisation in their own realm, providing their own forces and supplies to aid others. Whether it be their own realm or the realms of others.

The Elemental Pillars

Ziz Fleet

The Ziz Fleet is led by Rana Quartz and provides the alliance massive aerial support. Thanks to a long history with Airships and Orbiton materials, their power comes down to being swift and efficient in the sky.

Ziz Fleet
Organization | Aug 28, 2022

Leviathan Navy

The Leviathan Navy, led by Salacia Turquoise, is used for both naval support and damage control. Preventing further corruption of outside forces, alongside providing a fleet to fight amongst the waves.

Leviathan Navy
Organization | Aug 28, 2022

Salamander Elite

Specialised in scorched earth tactics, the Salamander Elite led by Azar Spinel aid in lost causes. While smaller in size than the others, their skill in destructive warfare is second to none. If not with disasterous results.

Salamander Elite
Organization | Aug 28, 2022

Behemoth Guard

The toughest units come from the Behemoth Guard, led by Walton Corundum. With a great combination of offense and defense, they help protect the borders through a force supported by primal beasts.

Behemoth Guard
Organization | Aug 28, 2022

The Inner Sphere

Nexus Legion

The Nexus Legion is one of the younger groups that joined the alliance, led by Demophon Tanzanite. Their help provides a vast network between the worlds, allowing for fast access when one needs help against an incursion. A group perfect for navigating the cosmos.

Nexus Legion
Organization | Aug 29, 2022

Fairy Ring

The Fairy Ring led by Nuada Opal does not aid in direct combat, but rather preventing it entirely. Through magic barriers and wards, they keep away threats from entering domains. Thanks to their arcane ways, the Fae help protect the Cosmic Hourglass.

Fairy Ring
Organization | Aug 29, 2022

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I love the idea of the elemental planes uniting to protect each other! I'm also very unfamiliar with the lore of your world, but the threat of this Void is a really interesting one!

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