Summer Camp 2021 Pledge



I'm going to focus on my Engineering Corps world and attempt to build most of the articles I need so that I can write the first novel set in this world in November.  
Introduction to the world of the Engineering corps
Generic article | Jul 21, 2021

Welcome to a world of science, magic and deadly politics


Focus point


France and Lille map

France and its neighbours by AmélieIS with Wikipedia Commons

My main area of focus will be France and it's societal and political problems, as well as the industrial revolutions and its impact.



Complete the 31 prompts. I might also go beyond the prompts and make my own articles on other topics so as to have everything I need to write the novel. My total word count obective is 100k words. It's going to be my first Summer Camp or big WA event, but I've written more during Nanowrimo before so I feel confident that I can reach that goal. I will also be making some illustrations as a way to relax when I don't feel like writing.

diamond badges no background.png

Diamond or Die!

diamond badges no background.png




I'm taking the last three weeks of July as holidays and I plan to stay at home and spend my time writing.

Support network


The WA discord and twitch community.


  Here are the categories I use to organise this world:  

summer camp world codex.png

Organisation by AmélieIS


Illustration pool

  I've made a placeholder image for summer camp.  
Placeholder by AmélieIS
  And here are the theme galleries I use to organise the images I have gathered for this world:  

Images from the Engineering corps uniform article

Images from the gallery Battles

Images from the gallery Buildings

Images from the gallery Characters

Images from the gallery Emblems and flags

Images from the gallery Header


Images from the gallery Icons

Images from the gallery Magic

Images from the gallery Resources

Images from the gallery Soldiers



  My layout for this world is the one I used in my Engineering corps uniform article.  

Summer camp layout.png

Summer Camp article layout by AmélieIS


Article release plan

  I will only share articles once they are finished and if I feel they have enough content and would be interesting to read. I will share them on the WA discord, with a journal update on my WA profile, on the article showcases on the twitch streams of the ASC, and on twitter. I will probably only do 2 to 3 sharing during the whole month with a couple of articles every time.

Table of Contents


Author's Notes

The quill image is from Vecteezy.

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12 Jun, 2021 20:37

Nice use of images/icons!

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
12 Jun, 2021 21:21
12 Jun, 2021 20:38

Yaaay! You did it! :D Looks like you've got a good plan - good luck! :D

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
12 Jun, 2021 21:21
12 Jun, 2021 20:50

Diamond or die!
That's the spirit. :D

Summer camp! Check my pledge here. There is a list of all articles in there too.
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
12 Jun, 2021 21:22
Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
12 Jun, 2021 21:34

Diamond-or-Die crew is in the house! I loved reading about your world in the Costume Challenge entry. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
12 Jun, 2021 21:36

Thank you :D It's really motivating to have people interested in this world!

Master jkoster
Pax Sequoia
12 Jun, 2021 21:39

Let's Go Diamond!   I wish you the best luck, you have a great layout and plan!

Visit the Chronicles of Solia TTRPG setting page!   Now with a Summer Camp 2021 Pledge!
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jun, 2021 08:20

Thanks :D Good luck to you too!

Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
13 Jun, 2021 16:11

Best of luck with your Diamond goals! I hope the prompts help guide your worldbuilding ambitions! A 100k word count objective is no small feat!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jun, 2021 16:24
13 Jun, 2021 16:48

Good luck on the 100k words! That’s a lot of writing! Be careful on the extra articles early on though. Remember that we don’t get all the prompts at once and there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a prompt that would have been perfect forr that article you wrote last week!

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jun, 2021 17:01

Thanks :D Yes I know about the frustration of writing an article only to have it in a challenge prompt two days later :p Though being forced to be creative and find something else for it would not be necessarily bad either... Still, I think I won't publish most article until the end of the month just in case.

13 Jun, 2021 17:48

Impressive, good luck on that challenge! With that mindset, I have no doubt you will reach your goal ;)

With love,   Pouaseuille.   I finally participated to The Costume Challenge: here's an entry if you like!
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jun, 2021 18:31
13 Jun, 2021 20:14

Diamond or Die! Let's do it :D

Feel free to check out summer camp overviewif you want to see what I am up to!
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jun, 2021 21:55
Legend Gamez
Gamez (Dan)
13 Jun, 2021 22:26

Great Article - I love the article image at the top quirky and unique. Nice to see someone aiming for the stars and going for Diamond. Best of luck.   I look forward to seeing your progress.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jun, 2021 22:50

Thank you! Good luck to you too :D

Sage Spectral42
Spectral 42
26 Jun, 2021 22:55

Good luck with Summer Camp! I love the color of this article! OH! and good luck reaching your goal!

Live long Dream big
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
27 Jun, 2021 11:30

Thanks, good luck to you too :D Blue is best colour :p

28 Jun, 2021 07:58

I love how easy this is to read - I'm already sucked in and want to know more about the Engineering Corp

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
28 Jun, 2021 08:04

Thanks! Hopefully Summer Camp will make me do lots of great article to fill this world :D

30 Jun, 2021 14:10

Oh my goodness - I love that placeholder image XD Your art is always so lovely! Good luck on those big SummerCamp dreams!

You can do this! I believe in you!
To Do List Adventures: RPG + interactive fiction for your goals
Luridity (Luridity's romance, so unlike TDLA, 18+ and nsfw)
Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
30 Jun, 2021 16:44

Thanks :D I'm having fun with my carnivorous flower :p Good luck to you too :D

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