Expora the Weaver

Come to me, young one, I have been awaiting this chance for far too long... I know you have too, so be a dear and fetch me some parchment, I am in the mood to bring your dreams to the physical realm...
— Expora
  Expora’s hollow under the desert might have opened up quite recently, but the spider herself is an ancient being.   Scrolls made of spider silk and ink are scattered across the ground of her home, Expora sits in the center, seemingly no web remaining to be used. When someone with a dream, idea, or inspiration of any kind approaches, Expora’s mandibles click and whit and she turns towards the intruder.   She asks for simply ink and material to write on to bring their world to the physical realm. Expora’s true motivations for this are unknown, but the scrolls around her are becoming more plentiful.


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