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Basic Information


The Jörmungandr appears to be a mix between a snake and a dragon with aquatic features. His entire body is covered in smooth scales, with spiked frills along the ridge of his back starting at his head and ending at his tail. The spikes have webbing in between them. He is completely limbless, though he has a great amount of control over every section of his body. His scales are smaller on his topside, whereas his underside scales are smoother and typically one large horizontal band. His head is more similar to that of a dragon in that is a more pointed, triangle shape with horns along his jaw and up to his eyes. His mouth is filled with two rows of spiked, slight inward curved teeth, with no molars. His tongue is reddish pink, but not forked as many believe it to be.

Genetics and Reproduction

Jörmungandr does not appear capable of reproduction as he is the only one of his species. He is presumed to be a male by those on Earth due to his "male" voice, though his sex is unknown.

Ecology and Habitats

Jörmungandr lives within the oceans of Earth. He is unable to have more than 10% of his body on land as this will either cause irreparable damage to the earth beneath him and because it is physically painful for him due to the strength of Earth's gravity upon his body. The water in the ocean is able to allow him little resistance in movement despite his size.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Jörmungandr is carnivorous. He gains nutrients only from meat but has been known to eat other things for fun, such as wooden or metal ships, airplanes: downed or in the air, garbage islands, or bones. His diet consists of marine life such as fish, whales, sharks, seals, walruses, turtles, dolphins, and giant squids. Smaller animals such as jellyfish, crabs, lobsters, sea birds, or eels are also consumed but do not make up a significant part of his diet.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Jörmungandr appears to have average intelligence compared to a human, however, he has more knowledge and wisdom compared to the majority of humans about the universe and the world around them. Jörmungandr is capable of speech in any language, though he does not open and closes his mouth to speak. Because of his size and how damaging his normal volume could be, he is always whispering.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

Jörmungandr is the cause of the Sea Serpent myth.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by

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