Wirka birds

Perrot birds are very present among the Wirka culture. They usually represent a third to a half of the members of a wirka group, and play several tactical and commercial roles in the Wirka culture. What is more, the Wirka birds' own divisions tend to reflect on the human groups they accompany.  

Physical aspects


Colors and patterns

  The Wirka birds colors follow similar transition patterns as Tribal Perrots. They usually have a white body, with colors transiting from red to purple to black on the wings. Their crest is typically colored red to purple.   What is more, Wirka birds generally have a pale pinkish skin, similar to the tribal bird skin.  


  Wirka birds use the same red and ocher colors as City Birds do, in addition to a black pigment that can often be seen on nomadic birds. In addition to their beak, they systematically apply makeup to their eyes, a somewhat uncommon habit among birds. The nature of the eye makeup is indicative of the tribe the bird belongs to : a black triangle, a line and three circle, or a single flame.  


  It is not uncommon among the group to wear clothes. While clothes mostly consist in cotton or fur capes, some important figures can wear heavier belts or pauldron, as a mean to display their power : the fact that one can afford to wear heavy leather pauldrons means they very rarely have to fly, and that other birds do that for them.  

Culture and cultural aspects


Important figures

  Several important decision-making figures can be observed among almost every Wirka groups. Those are the followings:    
  • The Shaman, as in most groups, can look into the Mind Ocean (but shouldn't because it makes it mad) and is good at Enchantment.
  • The Doctor, as would be expected, knows fairly well both the perrot body and the plants around, and has a rough idea of what happens if you apply one of the latters on the first. It is a very respected figure, as most other birds know that angering the Doctor is putting oneself at risk of getting poisoned or unfortunately poorly healed.
  • The Scout is a central figure in the group. It specializes in flying silently and without being seen, and has a particularly good analytical sight, which helps it to study raiding routes.
  • The Master crafter is the one repairing broken material, teaching to build items, and actually deciding of military/fighting tactics.
  • The Master merchant is responsible for a lot of the Wirka commercial actions, and particularly the slve trade, both inside Wirka groups and with other cultures. What is more, it is the best at talking its way out of human situations.

Human relations

  Wirka perrots usually consider themselves as really important to Wirka humans. They are also very good at manipulating local chiefs, and as a result tend to consider themselves as more "in charge" than humans.   Important decisions are usually locally taken by discussions between the important bird figures. If those decisions require to force some action on the humans, the birds will either try to convince them in some meeting, or out of it.   Although it doesn't take part in meetings, the Scout is generally the most important and most listened to figure of a Wirka group, even more so than the actual human chief. The Scout is perfectly aware of the dangers all around, and helps a lot in choosing the best roads to take.
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