The Temperate Band

Upon approaching, you find documents sourced from the General Kylindrography Encyclopedia - Structures of the world. According to the tag on the folder, the text was taken from the fourteenth edition, published in 5495 AR. Numerous sources were compiled to produce the encyclopedia.   Also called Fertile Bland or Green Ring, the Temperate Band extends for about one half of the Cylinder in length, around the world's middle point. Although it owes its name for being supposedly more hospitable than further south or north of the Cylinder, modern studies have repeatedly shown that the average slope of a region plays a major role in its average temperature and precipitations.   According to recent surveys conducted on the trading expeditions of the five Merinos largest international companies, an estimate of sixty to eighty percent of the Cylinder's sedentary, civilized civlizations live in the Temperate Band. The fraction of nomadic bands that live in that area is much less well constrained.    


The temperate band Holds 4 Major Mountain Reaches. In the Merinos City-State, those are called :
  • the Darklands
  • the Mirrored mountains
  • The Easterlides
  • The Western Giants
  These large mountain reaches each represent about a thousand kilometers in length, for a similar width.   The Temperate band also holds 7 major Seas, some of which are linked to one another.
Alternative Name(s)
The Green Ring, the Fertile Band
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Cover image: by Pouaseuille


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