Opening the Summer vault

Upon looking exploring the Library, you notice a gallery that didn't seem to be there a while ago. Curious by nature, you decide to delve in.   After a fairly long walk, you find yourself facing a vault door. An impressive one, at that. You don't quite recognize a style to associate it with, but it certainly is impressive.   Right before the door, you find a small wooden pannel, covered with some text. The document reads:  
To be honest, I opened this vault in part through luck.   I am not quite sure how long I've been stuck in this Library, nor where I came from before I appeared here. Still, I've been reading what I could since I arrived, and I am still trying to understand the mysteries of this world.   In particular, I wish to understand the mysteries surrounding a certain Gretsor Barren and their disappearance.   See, they were a scientist from the Library, and a pretty good one at that. Not sure whether they were from the upper tribes or the lower ones, but they were pretty good both at teaching students without having them die (mostly) and researching the inner workings of this world. They were specialized in studies of Brain gnats, and other odd afflictions caused by the Consciousness flux. And suddenly, 9 years ago, they were gone!   Some documents indicate their disappearance, and I know that some people are still surprised nowadays. But I want to understand. I have a hunch something major happened, more than just their disappearance in the wild or their fall from a forgotten bookshelf.   Though I didn't build this vault, I have a feeling it was built recently. It seems it contains information written by or about Gretsor, and surrounding events. I want to know more.
— W.
  Though you don't know who that "W." is, you decide to open the vault. It appears to contain a relatively small shelf, full of documents. Each of those folders is introduced with a title, and contains a few excerpts and fragments of journals, newspapers and documents.   You note the presence of another text signed by W.:  
I have been coming here regularly for the past few days. Though I've never seen anyone else coming in, I've noticed the folders have been self-filling. At first, I was incapable of reading any document: now, some have been deciphered.   I will keep investigating. The documents are definitely related to the disappearance of Gretsor Barren, which means the person storing and deciphering the documents is interested in that as well.   I hope they mean well.
  The deciphered folders are listed as follow:  


Author's Notes

At first, this was supposed to be a series of mysteries: a quest for the reader to open the vault, and access the SummerCamp documents.   However, day work was too much, and I ended up late. So as not delay further the publication of my SummerCamp documents, I decided to open this vault immediately. I hope you'll still appreciated the prompts.   Feel free to read my (simple) Summer Pledge while you are at it !   [bloc:8bafd8ec-58f2-406c-9dcd-a57735d6e89f]

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