You find one folder gathering elements from the Almanach of Peoples of the Cylinder. A small tag on the side of the folder specifies that the encyclopedia was published in 5539 and was compiled from internal sources of the Library   The term "Nordic" is used to talk about the common ancestry of several ethnic tribes of the Cylinder, several thousand years in the past.   Not much is known from the first Nordics with absolute certainty. Indeed, since these common ancestors were most likely nomads, their civilizations left relatively little ruins. However, the few remains of art and structures that have been found and are studied and stored at the Great Library have caused them to be associated with many foundation myths of great technologies and forgotten magic.   Nowadays, Nordic-descendant peoples range from anywhere between buzzing, industrialized sedentary civilizations and deeply hidden Naturals.


Beauty Ideals

Although the beauty ideals of the Nordics cannot be known with certainty, it is strongly suspected that they had a pale skin, and mostly white to pale red hair. Blue eyes were probably quite present among these people, while the orange and yellow eyes that can be seen in Southern ethnicities weren't present.   It is suspected from pictures that Nordics probably held their hair long, possibly in absurdly complex styles, however artworks sometimes make it hard to distinguish hair from gears such as helmets or hats.

Gender Ideals

Considering the large proportion of ethnicities descending from Nordic tribes that do not acknowledge social gender, it is estimated that Nordics were a genderless society. Gender functions most likely appeared in sedentary societies upon the need for some basic forms of specialization.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species

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