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Upon approaching, you find documents sourced from the General Kylindrography Encyclopedia - Structures of the world. According to the tag on the folder, the text was taken from the fourteenth edition, published in 5495 AR. Numerous sources were compiled to produce the encyclopedia.   Every sedentary folk in the Cylinder knows how dangerous Mountain Ranges are. The great, dark structures that cut through the landscape into the sky are considered forbidden, forsaken places where no town ever survives for long. That being said, very little is actually known by modern civilizations about the inner structure, possible inhabitants or lack thereof, and origin of the highest peaks in the world.   In this chapter, the authors present an overview of the modern understanding of Mountain Ranges in the Cylinder; their structure, their location, their formation and their impact on climates.   The rest of the document appears torn, ripped or covered in indecipherable scribbles.  
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Mountain ranges have a characteristic and dynamic spatial organisation.   Their surface reliefs consist in complex assemblages of sharp peaks, gigantic arches, flat plateaus and dark creaks. These creaks as well as cliff caves are the main entrance to the Underworld network. The highest peaks in ranges are located in the 4 Major Ranges in the Temperate band. These peaks reach 10 km above the Boiling Ocean level. In most other mountain ranges, the highest peaks reach 5 km above the Boiling Ocean. The higher peaks, valleys, and plateaus of a mountain range often carry glaciers, that are the spring of major rivers in the Temperate Band.   Under the mountains, at the central parts of the range, the cave networks become more structured, and more layer. These places are the key points of the Masked Shadows civilizations. A large concentration of Shadow towns are built in these central masses called the Grids Finally, the centermost part of the Grids, is a Tower. Towers are fortified areas controlled by the Ancients, that play a role of connection with the rest of the Cylinder, as well as heat exhausts.
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Mountain Range
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