Merinos Cartographic Guild

The Merinos Cartographic Guild is a scientific guild based in Merinos. It currently holds the most extensive geographic knowledge of the world that exists in the Surface world.


The Guild is subdivided in Societies:
  • The Central cartographic League
  • The Symmetric cartographic League
  • The Southern Geographic society
  • The Nordic Cartographic society
  • The Underworld Exploration league
  • The Natural Sciences Institute
  • The Ethnologic Science Institute
  • The Philosophical Science society
  • The Military Supervision League
Each society is led by a council, the number of people in this council depending on the number of people working for the society. The presidents of every councils gather to take decisions about the whole guild, such as the research priorities and the allocation of budget. Each president has a decision power depending on the size of their society. Finally, a Guild representative is elected by all Council members every two year. The Guild representative will attend to the Merinos City-state council, in which the Guild has the same decision power as the bigger corporations of the Federation.

Public Agenda

The general aim of the Cartographic Guild is to extend the scientific knowledge of the Merinos City-state. Although it specializes in sciences that are considered noblest, that is to say, Geography, History, and Magical studies, it includes various scholar societies that specialize in other fields.
Founding Date
5120 AR
Consortium, Research
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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