Lorri the Heartbroken

The following folder contains documents about Lorri The Heartbroken, previously known as Lorri Barren. Some of the documents were probably stolen from the Library's administration.   Lorri was born in 5499, in the Library. Their egg was hatched under the supervision of [you cannot read the names]. Though the hatchers had traits of Southirnac Perrots, their own ethnicity was slightly less clear.   They accomplished their Memoire of the world in 5535, during which they joined the Sociology and Storytelling Studies Tribe, located near the Surface of the Library. They had lived in the Tribes throughout most of their Memoire.   Lorri wed with Gretsor Barren in 5520, soon after meeting them during their studies. Though they didn't raise nor hatch children, Lorri never quite recovered from the disappearance of Gretsor. According to some documents, they are still said to think Gretsor didn't disappear.   As part of their grief, Lorri turned to fiction writing. They are the author of several highly successful human romantic stories, such as [You cannot quite decipher the title but it seems to say something about love]. Lorri regularly mentioned in interviews how fascinated they are by the simple, light vision of love humans seems to have when compared to birds.  
  [THe text stops suddenly and is replaced by a small text document]  
Dear Gretsor,   Wherever you are, I hope this text finds you well.   Today marks the four thousandth day since your disappearance. While I must act strong facing humans, I think of you everyday. I do not lose hope in finding another way to contact you, nor do I lose hope in identifying what directly happen to you.   Existence is pain without you, I love you and always will.   Lorri

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