Grey web spindler

As you open this document, you find it covered with a thin fabric. From a closer inspection, you recognize it to be similar to spider webbing, though they would be slightly thicker, and much more opaque than what the arachnids produce.   You look around, only to hear something scuttling away in the dark.   The document itself is an element of interview from Fyki Spirits  
[You cannot quite read the beginning.]   What? Of course! I mean, I know I'm a scientist from the surface, but it doesn't mean I never go down there! I have had my share of encounter with deep library critters, just as anyone working here for long enough.   I think the Spindlers are the ones that fascinated me when I was younger.  
The Spindlers? Care to explain to us what these are?
  What? I mean, I suppose I can, but I'm a surface kylindrograph, not a deep-down biologist. You may want someone like Glowstick Bluebottom or their colleagues for this sort of things.   Still, alright sure. Let's do that.   Grey web spindlers look relatively similar to arthropoda, though that similarity is only visual. They look a bit like spiders, if spiders had large bulging eyes, a jawed mouth, and reached the size of a small cat.   They typically live in forgotten galleries. They scuttle away as people approach, and don't really seem to attack people. I'm not quite sure of what they eat, to be frank. Leftovers? Fishes? Books and wood?   However, it is thought they may interact with us and parasite people's mental powers when given the opportunity. They will alter your thoughts, make you think about stuff, change your emotionnal state... I don't know, maybe they can feed themselves out of that. I'm not sure it works that way.   From what I understand, the main activity of Spindlers is to build webbing. The textile they produce is thick, and can even thicken over time. Given some time and material, they can completely repair or block a gallery, to change it over time. Fyki frowns. I'm not sure what happens to the books when they do that. Maybe the bugs store them away? Or do they leave them in place? You'll have to ask an actual specialist.  
You say they can survive in the forgotten, old parts of the Library. Aren't these places dangerous? Did they adapt to that?
  Heh. That's the trick, you see. These critters are part of the reason why what we call the deep library is dangerous. They can interact with Ghostpowder much better than we do, and even interact with our mind. They aren't really hostile, but they won't hesitate to trap you in a gallery or in your own nightmare should you fail to pay attention to them. Hell, they may even trap you in a gallery because they didn't pay attention to you.  
Is there any use to that webbing they produce?
  Now that's a good question. I don't think a lot of upper tribes make use of that. Based on the density, you probably could make it into some textile. Or even some bricks if you take a thick layer! I suppose the deeper tribes, whatever it is they do, probably make more use of that than we do near the surface. They master consciousness stuff better than us, which means it probably wouldn't be as hard to get webbing from a spindler.   [The rest of the interview is indecipherable]  

Cover image: by Pouaseuille


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