Darklands Mountain range

The Darklands Mountain range is the highest mountain range of the Cylinder, and one of the 4 widest. It is located seventy walkdays north of Merinos


Entering the mountain range being far too dangerous, it has only been described from the outside. The range is about 1100 km large (from North to South), and 1550 km from East to West. However, defining its exact size is proving complicated, as it is surrounded by smaller mountain ranges and isolated mountains, and it is possible that non mountainous regions are located inside the range.   Exploring the inside of the range would be extremely ill-advised. Indeed, the profusion of high peaks, arches, valleys and creaks makes it hard to locate oneself on a map, as several vertical layers are sometimes superposed. What is more, the separation between the Surface and the Underworld, the Day and the Night, is blurred in such environment, and any corner could be filled with lurking monsters, shadows, and ghosts.
Alternative Name(s)
Mountain Range
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