Crookentoft in a small farming town, located on the course of the Hugofourd river. Inhabited by 9,000 citizens, the city is well-known for its attractiveness among sentient bird species. Indeed, an estimate of 20,000 Perrots live inside the wall of the city, mostly in the segregated Towers district.   The town, located in the intersection of major North-South and East-West trading axes, is crossed by a lot of nomadic groups, travellers, and merchants. It is also visited by a great many want-to-be herborists and enchanters, willing to join the Dungeon's University. That University, in the city-center, is ruled by the Lord of Crookentoft and is known to train the best enchanters in the region.   Because of its location, and the reputation of Crookentoft enchanters, the city is slowly falling under the control of trading city states such as Merinos: an increasing number of rich merchants get contracts from there, or start businesses based in the town.


It is estimated that 70 percents of the town's human inhabitants come from the Middelian ethnic group. This is the case in particular for the city's lower classes, such as small marketstall traders, and craftsmen. However, aver time, an increased population of Nordics and Carvaneers have more or less permanently settled there, and represent a relatively cheap labor source for local clockwork industries.   Finally, a good city's upper class, mostly living in the Uphill district and the Castel, are rich merchants and nobles who came from Merinos looking for a cheaper life. The current Lord's family itself is a long descendant from some of the Wandrel founders of the Merinos City-state.   Regarding the birds, an estimate of 75 percents of the Perrots can be considered of the Crookentoft breed. While that implies a few birds having major administrative positions such as the guard's captain, and the Bird's banker, most of these represent the lower class of the city. The city's Noble Slaves, that is to say the birds having highly regarded aristocratic positions while working for humans, either come from the Nordic Noble breed or the Crookentoft Noble breed, with some rare exotic exceptions. The Free Notables come from slightly more diverse origins, although they mostly are from the Crookentoft breed, the Merinos Working breed, and the Crookentoft Noble breed.


The city is ruled by a hereditary lord, that is to say a lord who regularly gets assassinated or dies in a mysterious accident so that their closest living relative can take over.


The town of Crookentoft is considered the southern limit of the area where the Wirkas bandits are used to raid. However, given its size and the tendency Wirkas have to fight each other for control when in large groups, their attacks on the city is fairly rare.   The city's main physical defenses consist in a three meters thick stone wall surrounding it. That wall, as well as its several watch towers, is patrolled by a group of city guards. The guards, at a number fluctuating between twelve and thirty depending on the year, are responsible for both the outside surveillance and the law enforcement inside the city walls. What is more, the human city guard is accompanied by its bird version: the Flying Guard, consisting of roughly twenty ill-equipped Perrots very ineffectively enforcing law in the Towers district.

Industry & Trade

Crookentoft, while a fairly small city, is an important hub for merchants. Indeed, trade routes from Merinos, as well as from the West of the Cylinder, merge into the major route toward the Cold Band in the North. As a result, the several Mart squares in town are used both by locals, and by foreigners : one can find Wandrels selling jewels and amulets to Wirkas peacefully visiting the city. One can find local farmers and lords trying on silk clothes that Merinos merchants imported from the South. One can find groups of pilgrims looking to hire mercenaries, or debate about spirituality with a Carvaneers.   In addition with being a relatively commercial city, Crookentoft is relatively on point with Enchantment, as well as precise clockwork. Groups of merchants moving to the city often buy large amounts of the famous Crookentoft miniature clocks, as well as Shadow Screens.
9,000 Humans, around 20,000 Perrots.
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