Basic notions of the Federal tongue

Throughout the one hundred and fifty years of its existence, the Crescent Fly Federation has always been a welcoming land for birds around the Cylinder. Because of that, the cities of the federation are some of the most culturally diverse areas in the world, and it shows in the number of languages spoken there.   So as to make communication and politics easier, every birds willing to permanently live in the Federation is required to speak and write the common official language, the Federal - also called Federic. Being a form of Nomadic, the most common dialect group in the Cylinder, the Federal is relatively easy to learn for birds migrating from the Sheherp plains, Middish Plains, Oriental Temperate region. What is more, the language contains a large amount of borrowed notions and idioms, that were integrated in the Federal tongue after the migration of foreign bird populations.
  The following language rules are some elements that aim at making the understanding of that language clearer for the nomadic speaker.  

Pronouns and designations


Gender and pronouns

  Because of the absence of physical difference between male and female Perrots, the Federic gender system is not based on biological sexes. Three genders are used: Birdish, that corresponds to the pronouns "ke" and "ken" is used for perrots, and other birds that are accepted as citizens in the federation (mostly condors, though a few Blue Crows are known to live in the federation). Terran, the second gender, corresponds to the pronouns "be" and "beet". It is used to design non-avian lifeforms. Finally, the third gender is Neutral/Inanimate. It corresponds to the pronoun "it", and it designs inanimate objects such as plants, rocks or pieces of furniture.  

Federic Greeting

Beside the usual salutation words, birds greet each other by clicking their beak three times. The word "Feesha", abbreviated into "Fee" is also a common greeting word.  

Appropriate designations

  When presenting someone, or adressing to someone, one has to use appropriate suffixes based on their kinship status. The suffixes are the following :  
  • - eth is for member of the same family, someone recognize as a bloodkin
  • - ethia is for one's spouse. Ethia can also be used by itself, having the same sense as "love".
  • - aven is used to address members of the same professions, or workplace colleaues. However, one's hierarchic superior is adressed by - esir.
  • Total strangers are adressed with the word - avi if they are birds. The suffix -ewalker can be used to address sentient beings that are not birds, however it is considered an undiplomatic slur, and its preferred form - aman is generally preferred. When talking to a fellow Perrot, using the suffix - ewalker is considered a profound insult.

Geographical Distribution

Official language of the Crescent Fly Federation. However, it has spread to other areas in the Three Seas region.
Root Languages

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